Monday, September 23

29 weeks

We are in the single digit weeks until these babies come, I really cannot believe it. Last week I went for my monthly check up at the high risk doctors office. At the time the babies were both measuring over 3 pounds. Woo hoo! Grow babies, grow. The doctor joked that maybe I could have two 8 pounders and make the paper :) I really would not complain one bit if they came out at 8 pounds, but I kind of doubt that is going to happen. 

This girl is crazy. Every time I go to the doctor she has decided to move into a position that is not head down. I keep telling her she needs to flip over and stay that way, but she won't have it. For now, it's fine and kind of alright because it means her head isn't putting any weight on my cervix. In a couple more weeks though, I am really praying she moves so that I can avoid a section. The boy is still hanging out transverse across the entire top of my belly. I really don't care how he lays, but maybe he could tell his sister to cooperate :)

My belly is measuring 37 weeks today. It was 35 last time, so I am betting at next week's appointment I will be pretty close to measuring full term with one. 

My blood pressure is still good, but I don't think the doctor expects it to stay that way. I am resting as much as I can to try and keep it under control. She said if I can keep it under wraps then she really thinks we will be able to wait until nearly 38 weeks before we deliver. That would be awesome!

Rease has been such a helper lately. She likes to boss me around and remind me that "the doctor and daddy said you shouldn't do that". It is pretty funny. I made French toast for breakfast this morning and she informed me that I shouldn't eat at the table and that I should go back to my bed and lay down and eat. She then proceeded to take my plate and march back to the bedroom. She is quite motherly and entertaining. She got to be the line leader last week at preschool and was so excited that she almost knocked me over telling me when she got home. Thankfully I grabbed the counter just in time, or we both would have ended up in a pile on the floor. 

G is still in love with any car, but especially loves Francesco Bernoulli from Cars2. We lost him a couple weekends ago and I looked everywhere for him. I claimed my defeat and bought him a new one, only to find the original the next day. He was so excited, he ran around the house clinging to his cars yelling, "Francesco Bernoulli new one. Two Francesco Bernoulli's!!!!!!"  He is beginning to be a little rotten. Over the weekend Chris walked into the living room and G was standing right behind Rease with his little toy hammer and had his arm up like he was going to whack her in the head. It wouldn't have done any damage so Chris just stood there watching to see what he would do. He must have caught Chris out of the corner of his eye, because he slowly backed up and put the hammer down. He's going to be a handful. 

I promise I will make Chris take a picture this week. We have done a really terrible job of that lately. 


Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Keep those babies cooking! I would boss you and say don't do anything but Rease seems to have that covered. Good Job Rease!

Micah said...

I can only imagine what bossy pants will be like once these two babies arrive!