Thursday, September 12

27 Weeks

Not much has changed since last week.  I had my 27 week appointment on Tuesday and it was okay.  My doctor was in surgery for the day, so I had to see the nurse practitioner.  I haven't seen her since my first OB appointment, so she wasn't exactly up to date on my history, etc.  Because of this, she was really concerned about quite a bit of funneling of my cervix.  At my 25 week appointment I had some funneling too, but the dr wasn't concerned because it was still nearly 5cm long.  This time I had more funneling, but it was still just as long, and the nurse was asking me if I had been on bedrest, etc.  She informed me I needed to go home and rest and she would talk to the doctor in the morning and call me.  Chris and I were all prepared to have me be put on bedrest after talking to the nurse.  Thankfully yesterday the doctor called and she was fine with the way things looked, so nothing has really changed.  Chris and my boss decided they still didn't like the idea of me coming in to work, even after talking to the doctor, so I am now working from home.  Which is okay.  I don't have to sit at my desk all day, I can wear comfortable clothes and be a bum while I am working.  It all sounds good to me.  It is hard to be as productive though.  I get so sleepy sitting in bed and it's hard to fight the urge to take a nap.  It is also hard to get comfortable with a huge belly and a huge laptop to work with.

I have another appointment Monday and Wednesday, so I should get to have a better chat with my doctor then.  My guess is I will skip right past the weekly visits and have to keep up the bi-weekly visits.  But, maybe I'll be wrong.

My belly measured 35 this week, just a tad bigger than the 27 weeks that I am :)  I always measured atleast 2 ahead with R & G, so 35 really isn't all that big I don't feel like.

Rease and Garrison started preschool this week.  They both enjoyed it and are looking forward to going back next week.  Rease is going 3 days a week and I think it is going to take a bit for her to adjust.  She was so tired last night she was just mean, lol.  Hopefully she adjusts soon.

I'll add a picture next week after my 28 week appointments.

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Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Working from home means you get to take naps. And do blog posts. :)