Tuesday, September 3

26 weeks

I can't believe that in as little as 10 more weeks we could be having two babies! I really don't think the whole twin idea has set in yet.  I really don't think it will until they are born and I am holding them.

I am feeling pretty good and have been trying my best to keep resting and taking it easy. I actually do not have a doctor's appointment this week, so that will be nice :) Starting next week I go at least once a week for the remainder of the pregnancy. 

Johnson's decided late Thursday to come over and help us get some projects done this weekend. We had new carpet installed in the bedrooms on Friday, and Chris and Josh spent Saturday and Sunday redoing the two closets and installing new trim. The bedrooms look great! Abrah was a huge help, and ordered me around to make sure I kept to my allotted 30 minutes of time on my feet. We (and when I say we, I mostly mean Abrah) managed to get the bedrooms cleaned, basement cleaned, baby clothes sorted, washed and put away, baby blankets made, nursery curtains started, and other things I'm sure I don't remember.  Now I just have to find everything that Chris took out of Rease's room before the carpet was installed and get it put back. 

G has made the transition to his twin bed, and sharing a room with his big sister. For the most part, both are going really well. Now if we could just get Rease out of a night time pull up and G potty trained :)

**I just went into the kids' room because I could hear Rease back there talking.  She was apparently watching G and was cracking up at his pants.  Poor kid can't keep his pj's up.

Here are a couple of photos of the new carpet, trim and closets. I love, love, love the way it turned out. The boys did an awesome job!! 

And, here is a self take. Picture of my big belly :) I should have chopped my head off in the picture, because I've been a bum all day and haven't done anything to make myself look presentable :)

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Samantha Scott said...

I love the closet. I'm glad Abrah took care of you. You look great!