Monday, August 26

25 weeks

Not much new news to report around here. Chris spent the last week reprinting the kids' rooms and getting the new trim ready, etc. once the carpet gets installed on Friday, we should have just a few things left to get finished up in the rooms. 

We decided to go ahead and make the transition to a twin bed for G and he was doing great! Until tonight anyway. He has currently been crying / screaming for an hour. What fun that is, not. 

I have been to the doctor three times in the last week and everything is going great. The babies are growing and so am I, ha!  My belly is so low it is hard to find anything that keeps it covered. 

I'm trying to spend as much time resting as I can, but it is difficult. I go in to work early and get home early so I usually have at least an hour with them before Chris gets home. Keeping them entertained while I try to lay on the couch is getting more and more challenging. 

It's hard to believe that in a week or two I could be in the single digit weeks until these babies are born. I am still hoping to make it until 37 weeks, so hopefully we have a few more than a couple until the single digits, but I'm trying to prepare myself ;)

My belly is big, I will try to get a picture up by next week. 

In attempts to get G to stop screaming, I had both the kids on the couch with me a few minutes ago. I think they were both so tired they couldn't think straight because G was talking about having bugs in his ears and Rease was talking about winning a NASCAR race in Florida where she would get a trophy and pour water on her head. They are always entertaining. 

Rease is really excited to start preschool. She had to load up her back pack to go grocery shopping the other day. 

G all snuggled up after his bath. 

Rease doing her best Jase Robertson impersonation. Just kidding, she has no idea who that is. She just decided her head was cold in the middle of August. 

The kids with their painted faces. G as a lizard and Rease as a zebra.  

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Micah said...

Cute kiddos! Love you guys!