Monday, August 12

23 weeks

For the record, I have no idea what I did to the layout of this blog. One day maybe I will try to figure it out :)

Sunday marked 23 weeks and after what seemed like a long stretch (only 4.5 weeks) we had a doctor's appointment today. This was the one and only 4 week stint between visits for this entire pregnancy. I went today, go next Tuesday to the maternal/fetal doctors and then back to my OB the week after that. I should probably just go ahead and set up camp at the office :)

Our appointment today was pretty smooth, which was great. Both babies were measuring a few days ahead of where they are and were an even 1 pound 6 ounces a piece. We got some really good 3D pictures, but they didn't put them on a cd for us and I think our scanner is broken. I will figure out if I can find another way to scan them. Baby A (girl) is head down so hopefully she stays that way for the duration.  Baby B (boy) was hanging out transverse pretty much occupying the entire upper half of my belly. He never stops moving, ever. It is really crazy to feel like you already have a full term baby in there moving around because the kicks and punches are every where all the time.  My big 'ol belly measures a whopping 30 weeks for a singleton and I've gained about 35 pounds. With hopefully 3 months left to go, I don't even want to know what I weigh at the end of this pregnancy - I just better have some fat babies. ;)

I have a few Braxton Hicks contractions a day, so I am pretty much not supposed to do anything. I can go to work and get 2 - 15 minute activities a day. Get excited, today I scrubbed the silverware drawer and put a load of clothes in the washer. Watch out- it's getting pretty exciting at the Corwin house :) My cervix is still almost a centimeter to 1.5 centimeters longer than the minimum they like to see (sorry if that's tmi) and my blood pressure is behaving, so hopefully I can stick with this "severe resting" limitation for quite a while longer. 

That's about it on the pregnancy front. Chris finished his last slow pitch game tonight and has quite a few house projects to get done before the babies arrive. Rease is completely full of sass and things that will crack you up and drive you crazy in the same sentence. G is an ornery 2 year old that insists on racing everywhere and loves to give hugs to avoid any kind of confrontation, punishment, or actually having to eat a decent meal :)

If I can get some of the sono picks up I will  I had to clean off all the photos from my phone because I was out of space, so not much new for R and G either. 

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