Thursday, July 18

The Belly - 19.5 weeks

I almost entitled this post "Baby #3" and then I thought, "duh, that doesn't work". To say that twins are harder on my brain than a singleton pregnancy would be an understatement.  

I think is probably the first time I have blogged in ages, so there are probably too many things to attempt to catch up on in one post. 

So for now, you get a brief update on this pregnancy and a glimps at the twin belly at about 19.5 weeks :) 

I am finally past the extremely fatigued stage and have had a couple days of feeling pretty good. We have the kids in swimming lessons this week, which required each of us to be in the water with one of the kids.  I probably should have thought more about this, as I am pretty sure I am not cut out for it. Lugging the kids around the pool is causing the spot where I had the umbilical hernia with G's pregnancy to be incredibly uncomfortable. I'm a bit paranoid that even though I had it repaired, the growth with this pregnancy may just cause it to tear again. Let's hope not. 

Besides that, I am feeling pretty good. We have had at least 5 sono's and the babies seem to be doing well and growing as they should. I can feel the bottom baby kick and roll around like crazy most of the day, but the upper one is apparently more mellow or positioned where I can't feel the movements as much. 

Here is the belly pick, enjoy. I was getting ready to get in the car for swim lessons, so ignore the glamorous maternity suit :)

And, I can't leave out the kiddos that make me laugh and fill my heart with love and joy everyday. We are so blessed to have Rease, Garrison, and these two little ones on the way. 


Samantha Scott said...

Your belly and your family are both adorable! Do you know what you're having? Boy? Girl? Twins are so exciting! They are number 3 and 4 for me too. I'm so jealous that you have more energy. I never got that. ;-) Congrats!!!!!

Chelsea Corwin said...

Sam - We do know what we are having and will be sharing it very soon :) And, I wouldn't say I have tons of energy, but I can atleast make it though the work day without falling asleep at my desk :)