Saturday, September 29

So, it's been a little while

Wow, it's been almost a year since I blogged.  That just seems crazy.  Apparently I thought of blogging atleast once since my last post, because the header picture was taken in April.  :)

Blogger doesn't even look the same...I guess that's what happens when your MIA for a year.

To say this last year has been crazy, would be an absolute understatement.  I think (and hope) that life has slowed down a little bit now, so maybe, just maybe; I will have some time to blog.

For a little catch up, Rease and Garrison are doing great.  Rease is pushing 3 1/2 and G will be 14 months in just a couple of days.  Rease is quite motherly and likes to make sure everyone is doing what they should be when she thinks they should be doing it :)  She never stops talking, ever.  Seriously, the girl even talks in her sleep most nights!  She loves playing anything in a family.  For about the last 6 weeks, everyone is asked to be a mommy or daddy animal of some kind while she is the baby.  Garrison is a maniac, to put it simply.  The boy has no fear of anything and is going to give us a run for our money I think.  He babbles all the time and looks at you like, "why do you act like you can't understand me".  He usually cracks himself up, so I am sure he is saying some funny stuff :)  He has pretty much lost the priveledge of ever getting to eat a meal while also being clothed.  The kid loves to make a mess and has ruined more outfits than I care to think about.  Actually, I have no idea how he is actually growing because I usually find most of his food stuffed in his clothes or under his butt in the highchair.  He also loves to use his hair as a napkin.  Until we outgrow this stage, I am afraid my child will always be fithly, as I just can't keep up.  :)

So, that's a little bit of a highlight of things around here.  We have a very busy October coming up (apparently I was wrong about the life slowing down part after all), with lots of visits from friends and family coming up.  But, maybe I can manage to actually get my camera out and snap some pictures and get a blog post up every once in a while.  :)

Does anyone happen to want a riduculously quirky dog?  I'll send him with a bed and lots of food :)  He has spent the last 10 minutes standing in the kitchen whining at his water dish.  Apparently he thinks he might not have to actually bend over and physically drink the water if he looks at it and whines long enough.  It eventually ends in a couple of barks, like he saying "I am tired of you not listening to me" and then he will give in and drink it.  He is annoying, I tell you.  Now he is barking out the window for no reason, maybe he thinks the door will open itself to let him out.  Wouldn't that be nice :)

Here are a couple of pictures.  I miss Garrison's curls so much, so please excuse the abundance of pictures with his curly hair.  I am so sad they are gone :(  Also, please ignore that Garrison is wearing Christmas pajamas in half these pictures.  We were what fits around here :)

Rease likes to "sleep" in her doll cradle

happy birthday, sweet Garrison

Last picture before his first cut. 
Look how happy he seems.  
I was happy too, emphasis on the "was".

First cut...

Oh, Garrison..I feel like crying too

It was a little bit better after a bath, but not by much....

G's hair is starting to grow out, but I am afraid it will never be that curly again :(

Sweet, sweet Rease