Monday, August 22

Garrison John Corwin

I can't believe Garrison is already 2 weeks old and I am just now getting a post up about his birthday! (I started this post last Monday night and I am just now getting it finished!!).

Here is the abbreviated recap of his birthday for anyone who may be interested (and so I can remember years down the road).

My due date was August 1st and my doctor had told me that she wasn't going to let me go past Wednesday, August 3rd (due to some concerns that he might be a 10 pounder, which thankfully wasn't the case) and that if I felt like I was ready to have the baby after the 1st to call the office.  Chris and I mulled over the possibility of getting induced all weekend prior to the 1st and I just couldn't bring myself to go for induction again.  My OB was going out of town on Thursday and I was afraid if I waited until my appt on Wednesday afternoon and then end up having to get induced and it taking as long as it did with Rease and then she wouldn't even be there for the delivery.

So....Monday morning I decided that if they would agree to only break my water and not induce me then I would go in on Monday.  The nurse initially kind of laughed at me when I called and said "no, pitocin is the only option" so I told her if I changed my mind I would let them know.  I still was a little on the fence about it and was a bit of an emotional wreck trying to decide what I wanted to do.  I was praying that God would either put me into labor soon or make it very clear as to whether or not I should be induced.  About an hour or so later the nurse called back and said that she had talked to my OB and she was all for breaking my water and thought that would be enough to put me into labor.  I said okay, let me know when you guys can schedule it with her and the hospital and we will be there.  I really thought they would tell me to come in after office hours were over or before the office opened on Tuesday.  They called back and told me to be at the hospital in about 1.5 hours.....oops.  I was still in my pajamas, Rease was still in her pajamas, it was almost lunch time for Rease, Chris was at work and we had what seemed like no time to figure out a plan and get ready to go.

We got all checked in at the hospital and they broke my water about 3pm.  We called the family and told them not to rush right over but that hopefully sooner than later we would have a baby.  I was fully expecting to be in labor for a long time like I was with Rease, but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised!!

After they broke my water, I started having pretty regular contractions every 3ish minutes.  Chris was joking with me that I was going to have to sit on the exercise ball for the duration of my labor because if I would stand up and walk around the contractions would almost go away.  So I sat on the exercise ball and watched the Food Network and read a book for a couple of hours.  By around 6ish the contractions were getting pretty uncomfortable so I was hoping I was progressing along without the need for pitocin, but wasn't entirely convinced yet.  It turns out I must have been ready to have the baby because the contractions kept up and I didn't end up needing any pitocin.  My doctor came to see us around 7 or 7:30 and I was shocked when she checked me and said she didn't feel comfortable going home because we were having a baby sooner than later :)  Chris and I walked around the hallway for a while and then around 8:30 we got back in the room and it was time to get ready to have the baby.  Once everything was all set up and my OB was ready I pushed for about 15 minutes and Garrison arrived at 8:58pm at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  Thankfully he did everything he was supposed to and I got to hold him as soon as he was delivered (I didn't get to do that with Rease b/c she had shown signs of distress on the monitors and didn't cry right away).

I remember when we were walking in the hallway that at one point my OB kind of looked at me and had this panicked look on her face and she jumped out of her chair and started walking toward us.  She only made it a few steps and then sat back down.  I thought it was weird but didn't think anything of it.  After I delivered, she told me that she jumped up because she was afraid I was going to deliver the baby in the hallway!  Ha!  Apparently I must have had a very bad look on my face!!

It was also so hot in the delivery room.  I had been telling Chris how hot it was as soon as we were checked in there when we got to the hospital.  He kind of just looked at me and said he was fine and it was just because I was pregnant.  Well about 5-10 minutes into pushing, Chris started walking away from the head of the bed and I was thinking "what is he doing?".  Then I heard him tell the nurses that someone else needed to step in because he had to sit down.  Apparently the heat had finally gotten to him :)  It was so hot in there.  I seriously thought I was going to pass out from it being so hot, but I didn't think it was bothering anyone else until Chris about passed out.  Thankfully, he felt better in a couple of minutes and back before Garrison arrived.

I was also surprised at how much better labor and delivery went without the epidural (I had one with Rease).  It really wasn't all that painful either.  Labor wasn't really bad at all, but I am not going to lie and say that pushing didn't hurt.  I might have yelled/screamed a little bit, but it was definitely worth doing it without the drugs.  If we decide to have more kids, I would definitely do it sans drugs again.

And a little note about Garrison's name.  We had it narrowed down to a few names and decided after he was born to choose Garrison.  John is both of Chris and I's maternal grandfather's names so we chose that for his middle name.  I think Chris' grandpa was excited that we chose it and unfortunately my grandpa has passed, but I think it made my grandma's day :)

Rease has been doing really well since Garrison's arrival.  She has had a few more temper tantrums and bedtime has been a bit of a struggle, but over all she had done a really great job.  She loves her baby brother and always needs to know where he is and what he is doing.  We were at the park last Friday and I had Garrison in the stroller and a little girl (maybe 1 or so) came over and was trying to open up the shade on the stroller and I thought Rease was going to put her on the floor.  She ran over and yelled "no, my baby brother" and I grabbed her before she took a swing at her.  Apparently she is going to be a little on the protective side :)

Here are a boatload of pictures!  Enjoy!

About an hour after Garrison was born, right before I got moved to the recovery room.

Chris looks smitten, I love this picture. 

Garrison John Corwin
8lb 4oz
20.5 inches
8:58 pm

 Rease stayed with some friends on Monday night and they brought her to the hospital on Tuesday morning to meet Garrison.  She was so excited when she saw him and just wanted to poke him and give him kisses. 

Another post delivery picture, sorry they are a little out of sequence.

The grandparents arrived at the hospital right as Garrison was born so they got to see him just 
after he was here and the nurses were checking him out. 

Myles was so cute at the hospital.  He loved playing in the curtain. 

 Riley and Garrison

Grandma, Woody, and Megan came over to visit and Rease loved seeing them all. 

I look terrible....

Rease and Hannah were having such a good time at the hospital.  They were laughing at one another and 
laying under the "blanket" on the bed.  The blanket was really the waterproof cover they put on the bed, but it was clean so we let them play with it.  I am keeping this picture stashed away because we might need it for blackmail some day :)

Mom, Abrah, and Micah took Riley, Myles and Rease to the local water park the day we brought Garrison home from the hospital.  I think everyone had a great time and Rease has been talking about going swimming ever since.  Unfortunately, it is closed now :(

Mom and I took Rease and Garrison to the Peoria Zoo and it was Garrison's first official outing (besides the dr's office).  Rease needed to burn off some energy and Garrison was about a week and half old so he just hung out in the stroller and looked around and dozed. 

Garrison was about 2 1/2 weeks in this picture.  I haven't taken very many pictures because he got a little bit of a cold and for some reason his nose is all scabbed over and it looks like he has a bloody nose when you take his picture.  It is starting to clear up a little bit, so I will start taking pictures again :)

We went for a drive the other day and Rease was wearing a little one piece romper outfit.  I looked
back at her during the drive and she had someone taken her arms out and had the top sitting around her waist.  I am not sure how she pulled that off while remaining buckled....

Rease at the park (before going all crazy on the little girl looking at Garrison).

As I said earlier, bed time has been a little rough around here lately.  This was after we went to the park last Friday and Rease got up out of her bed and I told her to go back and lay down or I would take away her puppy dogs that she sleeps with.  She turned around and went back in her room and I didn't hear from her again.  I went in to check on her and she had fallen asleep bent over her bed on her tippy toes.  Uncomfortable.....


Abrah said...

Oh, I miss them...

Micah said...

I miss them too! Bring them to Indiana ASAP!

Brittany said...

Congratulations Chelsea!! Your kids are adorable. Glad everything went so good.

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Congrats! He's a cutie!