Tuesday, July 19

38 weeks

Just a warning to all my sisters - there isn't a belly picture in this post.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get one and put it up here.  I had intentions of getting one taken tonight and we were outside playing and Chris turned on the sprinkler to water the grass and Rease decided her and Mommy needed to stand in it.  So the decent looking outfit I was wearing has quickly been replaced by gym shorts and a t-shirt that is apparently about 4 sizes too small.  I can't keep my t-shirt over my belly and it makes me feel like I've got a serious beer gut going on.  But...I'm too lazy to get up and change my shirt and do more laundry, so I'll just keep looking trashy :)

I got my boss to allow me to be able to work from home next week instead of going into the office.  Due to this, I am assuming that I will probably go into labor on Sunday and not be able to enjoy an easy week of work at home.  But to be completely honest, there isn't a whole lot of work going on when I am at the office these days....so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Rease had a great visit with her Mimi over the weekend and has been asking about her, papa and Riley ever since she left.  I keep telling her they will all be over to visit soon and she gets all excited, we'll see if the excitement lasts once she finds out a new baby brother goes along with the visitors :)

Speaking of baby brother, the child still doesn't have a name or anything remotely close.  We really need to get on it.  I just don't like very many boy names....so who knows, maybe he really will be Junior :)  Kidding....

Over the weekend I asked Chris to fill up Rease's little pool (which seemed the perfect size last summer, so it is really little this summer) in the morning so that it could warm up and she could play in it on Saturday afternoon.  It was really nice out and only about 75 degrees so we went out to play and she spotted the pool right away and decided she was going to do whatever it took to get in.  I tried telling her it was going to be cold, but she didn't care.  She jumped in with her dress on and then decided that the dress was weighing her down so she took it off and then decided she also didn't need her underwear.  Apparently we have a streaker on our hands.  She kept jumping in the pool and landing on her bottom and then saying "Mommy, bottom ouchie, kiss it".  I just laughed and said no way.

I have a few things to get cleaned up around the house tonight, as we might have a showing tomorrow so I better go get them done and get to bed!  Last night I decided to go to the grocery store at 9 and didn't get home until 10 and then didn't make it to bed for a while after that.  So I am due for an early night tonight.  We'll see if that actually happens.

Enjoy some pictures!

Rease was loving all of her dress up clothes!!
She put the gloves on and immediately shouted "I'm Minnie Mouse!!"

She was running up and down the hallway and I managed to snap this picture. 
I think she looks about 16....

This picture seems so out of proportion.  She reminds me of those toy dogs that 
were popular a couple of years ago that had the huge heads and small bodies. 
**And no, this isn't a product of my mad photoshop skills :)

Trying to sneak into the pool in her clothes....

I love how her pig tails are flying in the air on her way into the pool.  

It was hot...so Rease needed some help getting a drink from the 
hose.  Ignore the huge woman beside her....

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