Thursday, July 7

36 weeks

Rease made it all day today at day care without having an accident and only wore a diaper for her nap!  We started potty training on Saturday in a pretty nonchalant way and Rease took off.  I guess she will do anything for an M&M!!  We were brave today and sent her to day care in no diaper with lots of extra clothes.  I fully expected a bag of wet clothes when I picked her up, but there wasn't anything!  I am hoping this keeps up and it wasn't a one day fluke!  It would be awesome to have her pretty much out of diapers by the time Junior arrives.  

Speaking of Junior, he is still growing like a weed and making my stomach grow larger and larger by the day (or so it feels to me).  I measured 38 weeks at my appt yesterday and have been having quite a few contractions a day for a week or so.  Maybe I will get lucky and go into labor on my own this time around and skip the whole induction thing.  I would greatly appreciate that.  As of today he can't seem to keep his hand (I'm guessing) off of my hip.  He pushes on it all the time and that really isn't the best feeling, but I'll survive.  I am pretty sure I have a terrific waddle going on and don't move anywhere too fast.  Today the escalator was broken 2 floors down from my desk so I had to take the stairs and let's just say I think I am too large and uncoordinated at this point to be doing that much more.  

Our church is hosting 10 or so high school students from Basque Country again this summer and last night was the youth cook out.  Oh my was hot!  I think it was only about 85 degrees, but I felt like I was sitting on the face of the sun.  I let Rease play at the park for a little bit and we ate and then Rease and I left while Chris stayed and played some ultimate frisbee.  Rease was less than thrilled to leave, but I bribed her with an ice cream cone and it all ended well.  I am thankful that McDonald's has ice cream cones so that I didn't have to take her to the ice cream stand and sit outside even more.  That girl loves her ice cream cones.  

Chris is busy working on getting our dryer put back together tonight and I am so appreciative.  I was about to go to Menards and buy stuff to put up a clothes line because the teeny tiny clothes rack isn't cutting it.  I guess since he has been working hard since he got home I should get off the couch and do something productive as well.

Maybe this weekend I will get a picture of the 36 (by then almost 37) week belly.  I think Chris and I are going out to dinner Saturday for our anniversary (how in the world has it been 5 years....seriously) so maybe I will be in something besides sweats and a tank top (I know...jeans are a real step up) and actually not hate having my picture taken :)

And Micah, it's time to update your blog :)  

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Micah said...

I know! I know! I actually sat down to do it yesterday at moms when we were there, then realized I forgot my camera. I figured I'd be in big trouble if I did a post and not include pictures! It's coming soon I promise!!!!