Friday, June 17

The Terrible Twos

I mentioned this briefly in my last post, but I am sitting at work moving files from a broken pc to another hard drive and needed something to do besides watch it tell me how many more minutes I have to sit here doing nothing!

Ever since we got home from vacation, Rease has acted like a completely different child. **And not really in a good way.** I attributed the first few days to her being a little under the weather (I think we wore her out) and just getting back in her routine. Well its been 2 weeks and we haven't seen any signs of improvement :( I am afraid that we may have been thrown deep into the depths of the terrible twos somewhere between South Dakota and Illinois. Add in the fact that I am practically the size of a small country and don't have a whole lot of patience or energy left, and you can see my predicament. Rease used to love going to day care and would run and play as soon as we dropped her off. Usually instead of a good bye we would get a look like "seriously, aren't you gone yet?". Now she just cries and it is heart breaking. She cried all day on Wednesday for no apparent reason :( Add in her crying fits and temper tantrums about every 5 minutes and I am about to lose my mind!

I love Rease to pieces, but I am not sure I am going to survive this stage!! Any advice?

Besides that, things are going well. Corwins came to visit last week and watched Rease while we went to the Zac Brown Band concert Friday night. Thankfully it was supposed to rain, so the show was moved inside :) That made this pregnant lady very happy! The show was great and I would highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance.

We have had quite a few showings on the house the last couple of weeks. Maybe we will see an offer soon :) For two of the showings this week, we needed to be out of the house during dinner time. The first night we went to Steak and Shake and the whole way there Rease kept saying she wanted to eat chicken. We walked in and as we were waiting to get seated, Rease says very loudly "I want chicken!!!". The hostess laughed and we just shook our heads. Last night we went to get pizza at Firehouse and as soon as we walk in Rease went up to a guy (thankfully he was an employee) and yelled "I WANT TO EAT!". It was hilarious. He started talking right back to her asking if she was hungry and she said "yeah" really loud. I am pretty sure the other people in there thought we were starving her :)

Tomorrow Chris is gone running a race most of the day, so let's hope Rease is in a good mood :)
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Ryan said...

That's the same way I act in restaurants.

Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

Mia throws herself down in the middle of the store now and refuses to move--or runs as fast as she can from me. I'm sure the looks I get are quite worries, we're right there with ya :) Hang in there!