Thursday, June 23

Paula, You Let Me Down

I have been craving Monster Cookies since our trip to South Dakota a few weeks ago.  I have never made them before, but love eating them when other people do :)  Steve's mom made some when we were out and they were so good.  So, in honor of Rease's last day in her current day care room; I thought I would make some for her to take in (and for me to eat).

I got online and googled a recipe, and up popped Paula Deen's.  I thought, oh that looks good enough and went for it. I am sure they taste good, but they just don't look that great.  Maybe it's me, maybe it the lack of M&M's.   The recipe only called for 1/2 C of M&M and chocolate chips, and that just doesn't seem like enough now that I see the cookies sitting on the counter.  I guess I should have gone with my gut and just thrown in the extra two bags of M&M's I bought at the check out.  I would taste one and see how they taste, but I'm pretty sure I had atleast 3 chocolate chip cookies after dinner (I wouldn't be me if I only made one kind of cookie!) :)
They look pretty bland don't they?

** And in case you were wondering, I made up for the last 6 weeks of being negative 1 pound at the doctor's office yesterday.  I gained a whopping 5 pounds in 2 weeks.  Perhaps, I should lay off the baking!

And just because she is cute and we love her to bits, here is a video of Rease dancing with her refrigerator magnets the other night.  She is wearing her rain boots because she was trying desperately to get us to take her outside in the pouring down rain.


Abrah said...

I will give you my's actually Stephanie Baldwin's recipe, but I consider it my own now. :) I use an entire bag (like a 2 lb bag) for mine plus throw in a few chocolate chips if I feel like it. :) They do look good though, but I think the best part is the M&M's, so I would definitely need more. Also, Rease is the cutest! We also wear our rainboots everywhere. I actually need to buy a new pair because Riley has literally worn them so much that the sides are all cracked. I didn't think it was possibly to wear out rainboots, but my maniac managed to do it! :) He actually wore them to the mall today...

Ryan said...

Any decent kid is gonna wear rain boots whenever possible. True fact.

Jenny said...

I use Paula's recipe, but add a cup of flour and more sweet goodness (chocolate). If you just form the cookies into balls they turn out prettier.