Monday, May 23

Just a little too short

Rease found this bike in the back of my car a few days ago (it was a birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma for her birthday). We had a couple showings on the house last week, so we put it in the back of my car along with some other things. I decided to put it together for her on Saturday morning and she hasn't stopped asking to ride it since. Thankfully Chris looked it over when he got home and fixed a couple things (I'm no handyman) and now she is scooting around like a champ. I say scooting instead of riding because her legs are about 2 inches too short for the pedals :(
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Grandpa B said...

Grandpa says he knows just the thing to fix it. We will bring blocks with us next time we come to visit.

Abrah said...

good idea Grandpa B :)