Thursday, May 5


Here are a few pictures from Easter.  Rease's favorite items in her Easter basket were definitely the slinky and Elmo fruit snacks.  She still asks for the "elmo snacks" every day and tonight was running around with the slinky behind her yelling "tail".

Her 2nd birthday party is this weekend, and I can't believe it!!!  I just finished her dress for the party and I am hoping it looks okay on.  It was so easy to make so I am pretty sure I will be making quite a few more for the summer months.  It took maybe 2 hours with cutting it out and finishing it.  **Speaking of that, I just realized I didn't finish the inside seams and just threw it in the wash.  Let's hope they aren't too frayed when they come out so I can actually finish them!!!

The pregnancy is going well.  The boy rarely stops moving.  He is going to be a fiesty one I think!  Rease was more of just kicks and punches and this one likes to roll around like crazy.  He also has the hiccups all of the time!

Well, I need to grab some cookies out of the oven and pack our bags for our trip to Indiana this weekend (Chris is running the Indy Mini Saturday and then Rease's party on Sunday)!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Ryan said...

Well great. Kelsey talked me out of the slinky dog for her birthday. We went girly instead. Clearly if wither of us is in the head of a 2-year old, it's me.

Chelsea Corwin said...

Ha! She would have loved that! And I agree, you are more of a 2yr old than Kelsey :)

Abrah said...

She is so cute! Can't wait for this weekend!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely love the Little Mermaid jammies!! My girls will definitely have some, too, as that hands down, the best Disney princess movie! : )