Monday, April 25

Penny for the Poor?

Rease is completely engrossed in money.  I am pretty sure it started two weekends ago when we had the Wood family Easter celebration at Grandma's.  We always do an egg hunt and they are always filled with change and dollar bills (one 5 dollar egg, go Ella!).  We weren't sure how Rease would do with the whole "looking for eggs" thing, but she picked it up quickly. The first egg she decided to open up and when she saw change something clicked.  She took off after more eggs and shook each one to make sure it had change.  If it didn't, it got put back.  Needless to say, Riley cleaned up with the singles :)  Now she goes around asking for change all of the time!  She has a few easter eggs and carries them around asking Chris and I for change.  It is very cute.  We cashed in her piggy bank today and she had 70 bucks!  I guess she gets a lot of spare change!

I was doing such a good job keeping up with the blogging there for a while.  And then we decided to get serious about selling our house.  For the last 2 weeks, just about every evening after Rease goes to bed we work on getting things done.  Thank goodness we had the 3 day weekend last weekend.  We had a huge to-do list but got everything done.  We managed to sneak in time to watch a movie and a nap/run (I bet you can figure out which one of us did what) :) and that was about it besides church and working our tails off around here.  We pretty much packed away everything we don't need in an effort to declutter and make our pretty small house appear larger.  I even had to pack away my KitchenAid!  (Don't worry, it's just in a cabinet, readily accessible for baking on a whim!).  So the hard work has paid off and as of today the house is listed and on the market.  We are praying we get a lot of traffic and it sells quickly!!

I had my diabetes screening today and am so glad it is over!  I really wish they offered that horrific glucola drink in another flavor besides orange.  I hate orange flavored drinks and am doing well just to get it down.  I should have just chugged the whole glass, but I stopped about half way through and wasn't sure I was going to make it.  The new standard in the Peoria area is a 2 hour initial test instead of the usual 1 hour.  Hopefully I pass because I don't think I can stand to sit in those really uncomfortable chairs again for the 3 hour test!

Well, I have a couple things to finish tonight and then I'm going to sit down and enjoy some fresh strawberries and a freshly baked brownie (told you the KitchenAid wasn't far away) :)

Here is a picture of Rease to hold you over until I get the few from Easter loaded up!

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