Wednesday, April 6

Hey Woody, Peace Out!

When Rease and I were in Indiana a couple weekends ago, Woody tried very hard to teach Rease how to say "Peace" and give a peace sign with her hands.  She has picked it up pretty well and seems to say it a lot these days.  She hasn't gotten the hand gesture down quite yet, she looks more like she has a severe hand cramp than giving a peace sign, but we're working on it.

Last night some friends came over for dinner (homemade pizza and carrot cake, yum!) and Rease was kept telling them "peace".  We then got her to add "out" at the end and now she goes around saying "peace out" (or "out peace" as she was doing tonight).  Here is a clip for Woody, notice how she bats the camera away at the end like "I did what you wanted, now get that thing out of my face".  **Ignore the part at the beginning where I am brushing Rease's teeth, I tried to edit the video but Blogger wouldn't let me upload the edited version.**

A couple of months ago we were given the opportunity to purchase the .jpg's for all of the pictures we had professionally taken of Rease during her first year.  We got them in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  Can you even believe that my almost 2 year old, about to be too long for her crib, growing out of 3T clothes was this little?!?!?  

I hope baby #2 has as much hair as Rease did.  And maybe since he's a boy he won't look as silly with the severe comb over that will come when all of his hair falls out :)

And I sure hope he has eyes just like these....

I'm not sure how I got off on that tangent, but I hope you all enjoyed the flashback to Rease's old pictures.  Our bathroom is all done! Hooray!  Unfortunately, it is so small you really can't get a picture of it.  Oh well.  I guess you will have to come see it in person if you really want to :)

Here is the 23 (and a couple days) week belly picture.  It is getting really big and the baby is moving around like crazy these days.  He likes to kick and roll around right on my bladder, it's delightful :)  All in all, things are going well and I'm just ready for August to get here and have him outside of my belly :)  I am enjoying the pregnancy and don't want to wish it to be done already, but this hernia is making me so sore.  By about lunch time every day my belly just hurts.  I'm wish it would get better, but probably not until the little guy arrives!  Oh well, we'll get by just fine.  Chris just might be doing a lot of housework :)  **This picture isn't the greatest, apparently my shirt gives no definition to where the top of my belly is so I just look round.  Next week I will wear a better shirt!**

And here's one of Rease, just because she is so adorable and so much fun!


Abrah said...

Love it! Peace out Rease! I had forgotten about her only having hair on one side. :) She was still pretty darn cute!

Cassie said...

One of the girls from the highschool where my husband works (Carroll) has taught Jaxson to say "peace out, girl scout" It is so cute and he says it to EVERYBODY now.