Friday, April 29

We've hit the "my way" stage

Rease is all about doing things on her own these days, including picking out her outfits, getting dressed and undressed and even attempting to change her own diaper.  This morning she was insistent on wearing a skirt so I put some leggings under it and said okay.  After about 5 minutes of refusing our help and trying to put her shirt on her legs, she finally let me help her and we got dressed.  Then she decided her rain boots were the perfect accessory to her outfit.  I was going to send her to school in them and Chris refused so we talked her into crocs. Here she is (ignore the milk all over her shirt, she was a little messy with her cereal this morning).  She is growing so fast....
And we are currently on day 5 of having our entire house clean and put together before going to bed / leaving for work.  It is such a nice feeling to have zero dishes in the sink, all the laundry done and everything clean!!!  (Don't think I'm a slob...I hate cleaning).  I guess after you spend 3 entire days cleaning and decluttering your house from top to bottom, the 15 minutes a night to pick up and vacuum just doesn't seem as daunting!

Monday, April 25

Penny for the Poor?

Rease is completely engrossed in money.  I am pretty sure it started two weekends ago when we had the Wood family Easter celebration at Grandma's.  We always do an egg hunt and they are always filled with change and dollar bills (one 5 dollar egg, go Ella!).  We weren't sure how Rease would do with the whole "looking for eggs" thing, but she picked it up quickly. The first egg she decided to open up and when she saw change something clicked.  She took off after more eggs and shook each one to make sure it had change.  If it didn't, it got put back.  Needless to say, Riley cleaned up with the singles :)  Now she goes around asking for change all of the time!  She has a few easter eggs and carries them around asking Chris and I for change.  It is very cute.  We cashed in her piggy bank today and she had 70 bucks!  I guess she gets a lot of spare change!

I was doing such a good job keeping up with the blogging there for a while.  And then we decided to get serious about selling our house.  For the last 2 weeks, just about every evening after Rease goes to bed we work on getting things done.  Thank goodness we had the 3 day weekend last weekend.  We had a huge to-do list but got everything done.  We managed to sneak in time to watch a movie and a nap/run (I bet you can figure out which one of us did what) :) and that was about it besides church and working our tails off around here.  We pretty much packed away everything we don't need in an effort to declutter and make our pretty small house appear larger.  I even had to pack away my KitchenAid!  (Don't worry, it's just in a cabinet, readily accessible for baking on a whim!).  So the hard work has paid off and as of today the house is listed and on the market.  We are praying we get a lot of traffic and it sells quickly!!

I had my diabetes screening today and am so glad it is over!  I really wish they offered that horrific glucola drink in another flavor besides orange.  I hate orange flavored drinks and am doing well just to get it down.  I should have just chugged the whole glass, but I stopped about half way through and wasn't sure I was going to make it.  The new standard in the Peoria area is a 2 hour initial test instead of the usual 1 hour.  Hopefully I pass because I don't think I can stand to sit in those really uncomfortable chairs again for the 3 hour test!

Well, I have a couple things to finish tonight and then I'm going to sit down and enjoy some fresh strawberries and a freshly baked brownie (told you the KitchenAid wasn't far away) :)

Here is a picture of Rease to hold you over until I get the few from Easter loaded up!

Thursday, April 21

All in

Rease insisted on wearing every bow she has tonight :)
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Wednesday, April 6

Hey Woody, Peace Out!

When Rease and I were in Indiana a couple weekends ago, Woody tried very hard to teach Rease how to say "Peace" and give a peace sign with her hands.  She has picked it up pretty well and seems to say it a lot these days.  She hasn't gotten the hand gesture down quite yet, she looks more like she has a severe hand cramp than giving a peace sign, but we're working on it.

Last night some friends came over for dinner (homemade pizza and carrot cake, yum!) and Rease was kept telling them "peace".  We then got her to add "out" at the end and now she goes around saying "peace out" (or "out peace" as she was doing tonight).  Here is a clip for Woody, notice how she bats the camera away at the end like "I did what you wanted, now get that thing out of my face".  **Ignore the part at the beginning where I am brushing Rease's teeth, I tried to edit the video but Blogger wouldn't let me upload the edited version.**

A couple of months ago we were given the opportunity to purchase the .jpg's for all of the pictures we had professionally taken of Rease during her first year.  We got them in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  Can you even believe that my almost 2 year old, about to be too long for her crib, growing out of 3T clothes was this little?!?!?  

I hope baby #2 has as much hair as Rease did.  And maybe since he's a boy he won't look as silly with the severe comb over that will come when all of his hair falls out :)

And I sure hope he has eyes just like these....

I'm not sure how I got off on that tangent, but I hope you all enjoyed the flashback to Rease's old pictures.  Our bathroom is all done! Hooray!  Unfortunately, it is so small you really can't get a picture of it.  Oh well.  I guess you will have to come see it in person if you really want to :)

Here is the 23 (and a couple days) week belly picture.  It is getting really big and the baby is moving around like crazy these days.  He likes to kick and roll around right on my bladder, it's delightful :)  All in all, things are going well and I'm just ready for August to get here and have him outside of my belly :)  I am enjoying the pregnancy and don't want to wish it to be done already, but this hernia is making me so sore.  By about lunch time every day my belly just hurts.  I'm wish it would get better, but probably not until the little guy arrives!  Oh well, we'll get by just fine.  Chris just might be doing a lot of housework :)  **This picture isn't the greatest, apparently my shirt gives no definition to where the top of my belly is so I just look round.  Next week I will wear a better shirt!**

And here's one of Rease, just because she is so adorable and so much fun!

Monday, April 4

It just keeps getting weirder

First, is 'weirder' a word or is it more weird?  I don't know, but I guess it doesn't really matter....

I have always been a very vivid dreamer and have the craziest dreams (ask Chris or any Tuttle and they'll tell you).  But...this pregnancy is taking things to a whole new level and it's weird.  I will spare you all of the crazy dreams previous to the one I had last night, but I had to share this one.  The even stranger thing is that I woke up at 5:15 this morning and decided to sleep for a couple minutes more.  In those couple of minutes I had this dream.  I thought you usually dreamed in your really deep sleep?  Or maybe I have it wrong...I don't know...

Anyway...I had a dream that all the Tuttle's were at our house for dinner.  And apparently we needed some kind of meat, so I went and picked up a deer.  And I don't mean a nice roast from the meat counter.  I went to some some girls house and took the deer that was hanging in her yard.  Gross...  She threw it in a wheelbarrow and put it in the back of my car.  I just remember the whole way home that I kept thinking "I really wish the Bickett's hadn't moved away because I don't know anyone but Steve who will help me clean this thing".  Ha ha!  So I get it home and bring it in the house and am attempting to butcher it on the counter.  Jenny and Dave came over and were just sitting there eating the meat as I was slicing it off the bone.  I kept telling it wasn't cooked and they were like "oh, but it's so good".

And I think I was so grossed out I woke up and decided I didn't want to fall back asleep.