Thursday, March 31

Taking after her Momma

I thought all of the Tuttle's would enjoy this little story about Rease :)

This morning I asked Rease to go throw something away after she got up.  We only had the bedroom, bathroom and hall lights on so far that morning.  She ran off and said "okay" but then came right back and asked me to come with her.  I started walking behind her and she got about half way down the hallway and said "light, light".  So I turned on one of the lights in the living room and went to turn on the kitchen light.  She kept saying "light, light" so I turned around and she was standing next to the other light in the living room.  I turned it on and she ran into the kitchen and threw the trash away.

I guess you will also always be able to know when Rease is home because every light in the house is on :)

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Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Yep sounds a bit like her easily scared mother! But still very cute!