Wednesday, March 16

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

That's right, Baby #2 is a boy!  We went in to the doctor's appointment today just praying for a healthy baby and I was thinking it was a boy (since the first few months of this pregnancy were way different then they were with Rease).  The little guy was a little shy at first, but we finally were able to know for sure he is a boy!  Everything looked healthy including the facial features, skull, brain, spine, kidneys, fingers, stomach, etc.  I am so amazed at technology and what you can see on an ultrasound!

The little guy is doing well and was measuring about a week ahead (21 weeks instead of 20).  I actually thought my due date was August 11th until today and it is August 1st!  Oops!!  So I thought he was measuring really big :)  He is hanging out pretty low in my belly so we will see if he decides to move up at all and crowd all my organs instead of just my bladder :)

I am excited to pick up Rease and tell her, even though she will just say baby and probably not get the whole gender thing.  But someday she will, especially since she is one of two girl cousins on both the Corwin and Tuttle sides.  Good thing she can keep up with all of her boy cousins in size :)

Here is a picture or two from the ultrasound today, enjoy!


Ryan said...

What's a snip?

Kyle and Karie Wong said...

Congrats on your boy Chelsea! How exciting :) Also, wanted to thank you for your continued prayers for baby Valerie. It really means so much to know people are out there praying for us and for a miracle! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :)

Abrah said...

for ryan...

The origin of the "What are little boys made of" poem can be traced to the early 19th century - the battle of the sexes was raging even then! The words of "What are little boys made of" obviously reflect this, but what is the meaning of 'snips and snails'? Several interpretations have been suggested but the one with the most credibility is that the original words were in fact 'snips of snails' - the origin of snips meaning 'little bits of'. No redemption there for describing what little boys are made of'! And, of course, little girls love to hear that they are made of
"Sugar and spice and all things nice!

Chelsea Corwin said...

Thanks Abrah! I was going to clarify for ry but you beat me to it!