Saturday, March 19


Here are some recent pictures, enjoy!!!

This one is from January, but I thought it was so cute how Rease was so covered up. 
You could barely see her eyes while they were riding around on the 
snowmobiles, but she was clapping and saying more, more.  
It made me not feel too bad for having her out in the cold.  Her poor eyes
were tearing up and she was freezing, but had a great time.

This was taken a month or so ago and I swear it has grown another inch atleast.  
She has some long hair!

Rease loves to spray herself in the face with a spray bottle.  She sprays and just laughs and laughs.  
She was literally soaked this day.  As  you can see in the next picture the water
was running off her face.

Here is the 20 week picture.

 Rease got this apron as a Christmas gift and has finally let me put 
it on her.  She was hamming it up for the camera!

Rease made herself comfortable on Chris the other night. 
She sat there watching some Mickey Mouse with her feet crossed and talking 
to the tv.  It was so cute.

I am definitely not inventive when it comes to hair.  Friday was crazy hair day at 
day care so Rease just got lots of pony tails!  They should have had that day about 15 months 
ago and her hair would have been the star!

This is Rease getting ready to be squirted by Chris.  She was being so funny!

Rease loves to have you sing "Row, row, row your boat" and then gets her arms
going like crazy.  It is so cute.  She will say "boat, boat" and then start rowing her arms.  She was 
watching a song dvd the other night and they were singing that song and she was rowing away.  I handed Chris my phone and told him to record her.  Not two seconds after he turns it on she quit.  Here is the video. 

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Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Rease is adorable! And your belly...whoa. Looks like that baby boy is growing nice and big! Miss you all!