Thursday, March 31

Taking after her Momma

I thought all of the Tuttle's would enjoy this little story about Rease :)

This morning I asked Rease to go throw something away after she got up.  We only had the bedroom, bathroom and hall lights on so far that morning.  She ran off and said "okay" but then came right back and asked me to come with her.  I started walking behind her and she got about half way down the hallway and said "light, light".  So I turned on one of the lights in the living room and went to turn on the kitchen light.  She kept saying "light, light" so I turned around and she was standing next to the other light in the living room.  I turned it on and she ran into the kitchen and threw the trash away.

I guess you will also always be able to know when Rease is home because every light in the house is on :)

Wednesday, March 30

Trying to keep up with my goal!

I decided that if I am going to keep up with my goal of blogging 3 times a week I better get a post up!  I can't believe it is already Wednesday night!  The last few days have flown by!

Chris was in Michigan last weekend so Rease and I decided to head back to Indiana on Thursday morning and spend some quality time with the family.  I brought along the camera, but didn't get it out of the bag once, so no pictures. I had good intentions, but I will blame it on the fact that Rease and I both ended up sick with sinus/ear issues over the weekend and I didn't feel like exerting the necessary energy to get the camera out of the bag and turn it on :)

We had a great visit and Rease got to spend lots of time with everyone.  Her newest phrase that she picked up over the weekend was "my turn".  Now all I hear when I am doing something is "my turn, my turn".  It's cute :)

The whole 'getting over the pacifier' thing took all of about one day.  Thank goodness :)  Now only two transitions left before the little guy comes in August: moving to a twin bed and potty training.  I am not in a hurry to start either.

Chris is painting the bathroom right now and then all we will have to do is hang up the new towel bars, etc., and it will be finished.  Hopefully this weekend we can get the last bits of packing up done and get everything ready.  Then it will just need a major cleaning and will be ready to put on the market.  A house very similar to ours in our neighborhood just got an offer on it in less that a week on the market.  We are praying for very similar results :)

Last night I took a canning class at a bakery / cooking school in town and had a fun time.  Although I wasn't home to celebrate my birthday with Chris and Rease, I had a great time.  The strawberry jam I made was really good.  Now, we will just have to see if I actually work up the time and/or energy it requires to actually can some things this summer :)

I better get off of the computer and pick up the living room.  Then I plan on catching up on some Biggest Loser and American Idol (if I don't fall asleep on the couch first) :)

Monday, March 21

Time to Bite the Bullet

Yesterday we finally decided it was time to break Rease of her pacifier.  She only gets it at nap and bed time so I don't think we were doing her any injustice letting her have it this long, but it was time for it to go.  It was time for it to go a while ago, I just haven't wanted to deal with it. 

Nap went well yesterday for about an hour and then she woke up screaming about not having it and it took a while to get her back to sleep.  Last night was okay but it took a long time to get her to sleep.  Usually we just read her a book and rock her for a few minutes and then lay her down and tell her to go to sleep.  Not last night.  Part of the reason was because we were at youth group last night and by the time we got home it was a couple hours past her normal bedtime and she was wound up.  Finally she went to sleep and woke up about 3 times during the night but was easily put back to sleep. 

Let's hope the next couple of days just keep getting better!

Saturday, March 19


Here are some recent pictures, enjoy!!!

This one is from January, but I thought it was so cute how Rease was so covered up. 
You could barely see her eyes while they were riding around on the 
snowmobiles, but she was clapping and saying more, more.  
It made me not feel too bad for having her out in the cold.  Her poor eyes
were tearing up and she was freezing, but had a great time.

This was taken a month or so ago and I swear it has grown another inch atleast.  
She has some long hair!

Rease loves to spray herself in the face with a spray bottle.  She sprays and just laughs and laughs.  
She was literally soaked this day.  As  you can see in the next picture the water
was running off her face.

Here is the 20 week picture.

 Rease got this apron as a Christmas gift and has finally let me put 
it on her.  She was hamming it up for the camera!

Rease made herself comfortable on Chris the other night. 
She sat there watching some Mickey Mouse with her feet crossed and talking 
to the tv.  It was so cute.

I am definitely not inventive when it comes to hair.  Friday was crazy hair day at 
day care so Rease just got lots of pony tails!  They should have had that day about 15 months 
ago and her hair would have been the star!

This is Rease getting ready to be squirted by Chris.  She was being so funny!

Rease loves to have you sing "Row, row, row your boat" and then gets her arms
going like crazy.  It is so cute.  She will say "boat, boat" and then start rowing her arms.  She was 
watching a song dvd the other night and they were singing that song and she was rowing away.  I handed Chris my phone and told him to record her.  Not two seconds after he turns it on she quit.  Here is the video. 

Wednesday, March 16

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

That's right, Baby #2 is a boy!  We went in to the doctor's appointment today just praying for a healthy baby and I was thinking it was a boy (since the first few months of this pregnancy were way different then they were with Rease).  The little guy was a little shy at first, but we finally were able to know for sure he is a boy!  Everything looked healthy including the facial features, skull, brain, spine, kidneys, fingers, stomach, etc.  I am so amazed at technology and what you can see on an ultrasound!

The little guy is doing well and was measuring about a week ahead (21 weeks instead of 20).  I actually thought my due date was August 11th until today and it is August 1st!  Oops!!  So I thought he was measuring really big :)  He is hanging out pretty low in my belly so we will see if he decides to move up at all and crowd all my organs instead of just my bladder :)

I am excited to pick up Rease and tell her, even though she will just say baby and probably not get the whole gender thing.  But someday she will, especially since she is one of two girl cousins on both the Corwin and Tuttle sides.  Good thing she can keep up with all of her boy cousins in size :)

Here is a picture or two from the ultrasound today, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15

Pink or Blue?

A month has passed since my last post?!?  Time is going by so fast!  I might jump on the band wagon with Jenny and try to post a couple of times a week.  I realize this is a pretty lofty goal considering it has been a month since my last post, but hopefully I can do it!

Chris and I have done a terrible job of taking any pictures lately, of Rease or otherwise.  I think we did get some taken in the last couple of weeks, so I will have to try to get those up in the next post. 

We have been very busy lately trying to get our house ready to put on the market.  I am pretty sure I make a new to do list every day (not because I get everything done from the day before, but because I lose them about as fast as I create them).  My abilities to get anything done as far as cleaning, packing, moving things to the storage unit, etc., has become severely limited in the last few weeks so that is also making things challenging.  I got put on a 20 pound weight/lift restriction a few weeks ago and along with that comes no vacuuming, etc.  More annoying than not being able to do housework is not being able to pick up Rease or carry her around.  She does pretty well except while I am making dinner.  I used to hold her while I made dinner every night and she would help, etc.  Now I can't do that and she isn't happy about it at all!  Sometimes she is happy enough to go play with her kitchen, but not too often. 

A couple of weekends ago Corwin's came over and Bob helped Chris redo our bathroom.  I tried to get some pictures, but our bathroom is so small there really isn't any good way to get a picture.  But take my word for it, it is SO MUCH better!  The dry wall guy is coming this weekend to finish the dry wall and match the previous texture and then all we will have left to do is paint and hang up the new fixtures!

Last weekend we went home to visit and Rease had a great time.  She insisted on holding Myles whenever I had him and it was so cute.  She would practically rip him out of my arms saying "baby, baby".  Hopefully she is that fond of her little brother/sister :)

We are trying our best to will Spring into visiting central Illinois and have been spending a little time outside when it is half way decent out.  Last night I bundled Rease up and took her out while Chris was grilling burgers (I think it was maybe 38 degrees and windy, it was cold!).  She insisted on wearing her new rain boots she got over the weekend and had so much fun playing.  She loved the swing.  She liked it during the summer, but yesterday she was kicking her legs like crazy and laughing and giggling like I have never heard her.  She was having a ball.  I was going to try and get it on camera, but I knew she would stop the minute she saw the video camera or camera. 

Rease is great at answering questions when you ask her but usually just responds with 'yeah' or 'no'.  Last night I got her to say 'yes' and it was the funniest thing I have ever heard.  The girl has some trouble with her 's' and it is hilarious.  Chris and I just laughed every time she said it.  She makes the same hissing sound when she says her name and it is adorable.  She loves her animals, babies, books and most recently trains.  She is growing like a weed and is going to pass up Riley pretty soon!  She outgrew all of her 2T shirts in the last month or so and only has a couple pairs of 2T pants that fit in length.  I put her in a 3T outfit today and it fit like a glove.  I pray she isn't over 5'10" or so because we will never find clothes that keep her covered up!!!

We haven't really been trying to potty train Rease yet, but have her potty out and let her sit on it when she wants to (we are making a road trip to South Dakota in May so I am thinking we are waiting until after that really long car ride to work on it.  I remember road trips with small kids having to go to the bathroom growing up and I'm putting that off as long as possible!).  Last night I could tell she was about to dirty her diaper so I asked if she wanted to sit on her potty and go to the bathroom.  She said "Yeah" and ran into the bathroom.  She sat down and went a little and stood up and looked in the potty and almost went crazy.  She was screaming and going "no, no".  I was laughing and Chris was worried she was going to make a mess all over the floor so I threw a diaper on her and she continued to freak out about the whole situation.  She settled down and proceeded to dirty her diaper :)  It might take until May for her to even think about sitting on the potty again, I think we traumatized her!

Tomorrow we go for our monthly OB appointment and get to have our anatomy ultrasound.  I'll be 19 weeks and am gigantic :)  As of our first appointment, my placenta was in the front (just like with Rease) so I have just now started feeling the baby move around with little kicks and punches.  I will have to get a picture up of my belly too.  I'm giving Jenny a run for her money :)  So, what do you think: boy or girl??

**And yes, I'm at work writing this post :)  But my computer is tied up running three jobs, so there isn't much else I can do :)