Tuesday, January 25

The latest and greatest at the Corwin house

So, apparently I am still not doing very well at this posting thing!  I think it has only been a couple of weeks instead of a few months this time around though! 

I'll share my excuse for not posting in this post, eventhough most of you already know it.  Chris and I are expecting baby #2 in August and by the time I get home at night and get around to dinner and putting Rease to bed, I don't have the energy to post.  I usually sit down on the couch and fall asleep :)  The tiredness hasn't been nearly as bad as it was when I was pregnant with Rease, but the nausea...oh man.  Not fun.  I won't complain much because I haven't actually gotten sick and I know some people don't have it that easy (..Abrah...) but it stinks.  I had that with Rease for about a week or so and it was over.  Oh well.  We are about 11.5 weeks and everything is going well.  Here is a picture of the little one from our doctor's appointment last week.  (And yes, it says 12 weeks at the bottom, apparently I am growing another giant.  I was 10 weeks at the time of the appt).

Rease has been great lately.  She is chatting like crazy, although you can't understand half of what she says still.  But it will come in time.  She loves to help, and it is great.  She gets so upset if we unload the dishwasher without her or try to feed the dog or put things away.  She is hilarious.  She still talks about Bobby from her day care class all day long every day.  It is cute, but crazy at the same time.  It never ends!  I am pretty sure she has grown about an inch or two since Christmas, all of her 2T pants are about too short.  This girl is going to be tall!!  She has finally grown to love her Elmo and Mickey Mouse dolls that she got for Christmas.  Last night she was throwing Mickey around the living room and then diving on top of him and just laughing.  It was hilarious.  She looked like a WWE wrestler.  Here's a picture.
Here she is sporting her Christmas present from Ryan and Kelsey, a Eugene original.  The day before this she wore her Rease shirt to day care and when I picked her up the teachers were all asking who the guy was on the bottom of her shirt.  They were having a debate about whether or not it was Jesus.  I just laughed and said that it was my brother and to wait and see what she would wear the next day.  So I sent her in this shirt and they all just laughed.  I said he looked more like the Unibomber when it was blown up.  (This is all in good fun Ry, we love ya!). 
They also gave Rease her first "up do" at day care that day. She is stuffing blocks down her shirt, she puts everything down her shirt!!!!!!

Rease loves the kitchen that we got her for Christmas, and all of her accessories for it.  Here are a couple of pictures of her playing there and a few other ones that we have taken recently.

 Chris wanted to attempt making some Lord John's tacos a couple of weeks ago.  They were pretty good for the first try.  Chris could have eaten them all week long I think. 
I wish I had a picture of Myles to put up on the blog, but our camera never made it out of the car during our 12 hour trip home last weekend.  Rease and I will be making another trip this weekend while Chris is at Ice Camp with the youth group so I will be sure to get some pictures this weekend. 

I am starving and I want to go to bed soon so I better get done here and find a snack.  Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, January 5

Finally......a post!

Hey everyone!  I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted.  No excuse other than I am just a big slacker.  But hopefully I will be doing a better job of posting this year.  That's my goal anyway, hopefully I'm successful!

We spend a week at home for Christmas and it was great.  We got to spend lots of time with all of our family and even had some time to meet up with friends (which unfortunatly, doesn't happen often when we come home).  Every one was home and it was great to spend time with them all. 

We celebrated Christmas here before we went back to Indiana and it was good.  We continued with the 3 gifts and 1 santa gift that we "stole" from Brittany last Christmas.  Rease's main gift was a kitchen and she loves, loves, loves it.  She plays with it every day and makes a huge mess, but it's fun. 

We are definitely having a trying week getting Rease back on her schedule here and back to "normal".  She has been a bear in the evenings after day care and is just all around grumpy.  Hopefully a few more days and she will be adjusted back to her old self.  Hopefully......

I don't know if I have a whole lot else to post about.  Work is going well and we have been busy getting our house back together after being gone for over a week.  Maybe by this weekend it will all be put back together.  Then it's time to start the bathroom remodel next month....ugh.  Any volunteers?

Here are a few pictures from the couple of weeks before Christmas and our trip back home. 

Oh..and the blog will probably be public now.  I don't think anyone ever read it (because it was a pain and it never looked like it was updated, you know....the 2 or 3 times I did update..lol).  Maybe feeling like someone is actually reading the blog will make me post more often :)

Rease's first trip out in the snow, she loved it!

We went to Rease's day care Christmas party and I think she drank that juice box
without taking a breath.  It was hilarious. 

Rease on our Christmas morning before we headed to Indiana

With much help from Mom, I got Rease's Christmas dress done!
She wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken though.

I put these next two pictures on here because they are just hilarious.
Megan had me in the Tuttle drawing and she got me a french rolling pin.  Apparently
my judgement was a little off that day and I let Rease play with it after I opened it.
Here I am, apparently thinking it wasn't a good idea......

....and here I am right after she clocked herself in the middle of the forehead with it.
I didn't include the picture of her crying and sobbing..