Thursday, May 6

What kind of town do I live in?

We are very busy around here, gearing up for Rease's 1st birthday party on Sunday!  I can't believe that in less than a week she will be a year old!!  But, I'm not thinking about that until next week!

Just a couple of funny stories for you (atleast I thought they were funny / odd, maybe you won't :) )

I was driving home from picking up Rease after work on Monday and saw this girl, probably around 9 or so, riding her bike along a frontage road next to the main road by our house.  It was kind of windy that day and I noticed that she seemed to be having some issues keeping her bike steady.  I thought to myself "I am glad she isn't on the main road because she is going to get hit the way she is wobbling all over the place".  It turns out she was riding her bike in a skirt.  Apparently no one clued her in on one of the things you shouldn't do while wearing a skirt, ride your bike.  She was desperatly trying to keep her bike steady while corral her skirt that was fluttering away in the breeze in the front and back.  It was quite an attempt on her part, but unfortunately she was failing terribly. 

**Side note, I was raised in the middle of the country where no one would have seen or cared if you rode your bike around in a skirt.  Afterall, we had neighbors that paraded around their yard in their less than appropriate nightgowns and acted like it was no big deal (Mrs. S - if you're reading this is, it was a big deal.  It was gross!).  So anyway, I guess my point is if you are going to ride your bike around town in a skirt, put some shorts under it or something!

Right after I passed the girl on the bike I saw some guy running along the road in some normal running shorts and then a cut off tshirt.  Not just cut off at the sleeve, but cut off mid-rib.  Really, is that the norm these days?  I am pretty sure his baseball hat was covering up the business part of his mullet, because all I could see what his ponytail in the back.  Want to see for yourself?  I knew you did, so I snapped a picture with my phone :)  Sorry for the crappy quality :)

So after that encounter I began to wonder about where we were living and what kind of neighborhood we were choosing to raise Rease in.  Okay maybe not, but there are some really strange people around here.  I am positive we will be moving before Rease is old enough to have any memories of this neighborhood!

Tuesday I got home from work and the garage door wouldn't go up.  Then I saw a electric company truck drive by and thought "darn, I knew I should have put my house key back on my key chain when I found it this weekend".  Yup, the power was out.  Bummer.  So I called Chris to see if he had a key.  Nope.  Nada.  Zilch.   So I decided to see if I could get in the window of the spare bedroom.  I didn't think it was locked because it is a pain to get to because it is behind our computer desk and it is just a pain.  So I set Rease in the grass and was able to get it open.  Then I thought...."I can't just leave her sitting in the grass while I window surf into the extra bedroom and run around to the other side of the house to open the back door"...
Thankfully the neighbor pulled in and she watched her for me while I body surfed through the window and onto the computer desk.  It was a sight, let me tell you.  (I am pretty sure my neighbor will never look at me the same again).  :)  Anyway I got in and unlocked the door and locked the window behind me.  So don't worry about that.  I also put the key on my keychain. 

We decided to go out for dinner because the power wasn't expected to be on until 7ish.  After that we ran to Dress Barn to try and find a new dress for Rease's child dedication on Sunday.  I was in the dressing room and we were the only ones in the store so Rease was sitting out by the big mirror with Chris playing.  Then she realized she could fit under the door into the room I was in so she kept crawling in and out of the dressing room.  She would crawl in and look at me, babble something and then turn around and go out and babble to Chris and come back in.  She had so much fun I am thinking I might need to install some saloon door in the entryway into the kitchen! 

Well, I need to go get some laundry done and finish loading the dishwasher!  The next post will be after Rease's party and I am sure it will be picture filled! 

Good night!

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Abrah said...

That that is a Chelsea post if I ever read one... :) See you soon!