Thursday, May 27

Shedd, Moglie, High School

Sorry that it has been 2 weeks and I am just now finding the time to update Rease's 1st birthday post! Things have been very, very hectic around here the last two weeks.

This post is going to be a collection of bullet points. I don't feel like putting my thoughts together enough to make them flow in cohesive paragraphs :)


  •  Rease was 22 pounds 8 ounces (71st percentile), 30.5 inches (86th percentile) at her 1 year check up.
  • Her head circumference is in the 96th percentile. I am using this to say she is just making room for a really, really big brain :) 
  • Rease has 10 teeth and is working on getting about 4-6 more. Her gums are so puffy and she is chewing on everything and drooling like crazy! 
  • Rease took her first steps before she was even 11 months old, but didn't decide to take any more consistently until last weekend. I put her in a dress on Saturday and she was so annoyed about it being in the way of her crawling around she just stood up and started walking. She was a little wobbly at first, but by the end of the weekend she was doing pretty well.  
  • Due to the dress incident listed above, Rease has also learned how to crawl around like Moglie from the Jungle Book. I am working on getting a video because it is hilarious.  
  • She says Mama and Dad all the time but is starting to babble non-stop. I am pretty sure her next word will be car because whenever we are out she points at each car and says "da".  
  • Chris decided this week to run the Quad Cities Marathon in September (I think that's the date).  
  • On June 1st I am starting B90X (note - not P90X....I am pretty sure I would fail miserably at that one). It is the name of our summer challenge at church, to read through the entire Bible in 90 days. I have never read through the whole Bible (year, etc.) but am super excited about this. Making my Bible time a priority since having Rease and going back to work has been tough, so I am looking forward to making it a habit throughout this 90 days. Want to join in? Just let me know. I can send you the info on the schedule, etc.  
  • Due to the 2 bullets directly above, Chris and I will be up about 4:45 every morning starting June 1st. That is the part I am not so excited about. He'll be running and I'll be reading before we have to get ready for work.
  • We gave Molly away last Saturday. Even as onery as she was, I miss her. She was a good dog (most of the time) and was wonderful with Rease. We didn't have the time to give the dogs they attention they need and desire so we decided to try and find a home for Molly. (Colby has some health issues so we didn't feel we could fairly give him away). I got three calls within 3 days and hopefully she is working out in her new home. If not, we will try again :) 
  • Last Friday we took Rease to Shedd Aquarium. It was really fun and she really had a good time. She pointed and yelled/squeeled at all of the fish. She really enjoyed putting her hands in the water and splashing and touching all of the fake shells and anemonies in the play area. She got pretty tired towards the end and I put her in the Mai Tai carrier I got for Mother's Day and she was out in minutes.  
  • We are heading back home for the weekend tomorrow and are very excited! It will be a nice long weekend to relax and spend time with family.  
  • I have some exciting work news to share, but can't quite yet. Soon though :) 
  • Youth group is done for the summer, but our church is sponsoring 10 Basque studens in June/July. I am really excited about being a part of that.

Well, that's all I've got! I hope everyone is doing well! Here are a few pictures!




So serious...
So happy...
I think Rease thought we were in a hurry to eat lunch :)

She wasn't thrilled about sitting on the otter and getting her picture taken.
Any time she falls down outside, she makes that same exact face and hand motion
as soon as they hit the grass.

I am pretty sure that whale thought he was going to eat Rease for lunch...

The picture quality is poor, but she was out!

Chris says this looks like I am modeling the carrier, but I had no idea he took the picture.

Rease was determined to get to those ducks!

For our last night of youth group, the leaders had to show a senior picture of ourselves.  Chris and I didn't have much of a selection (they must be in Walton/Galveston) but these were the ones we found. 
Enjoy the throwback!

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