Thursday, May 13

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Rease!

**Disclosure: I wanted to get this post up yesterday, but found out late yesterday morning I had a job interview today.  So...I am not getting it posted until today! Sorry it's a day late, Rease!

I have to run to a softball game right now, but will add captions to the photos later tonight or tomorrow. 
The short version is we had a wonderful weekend with family and a great baby dedication and party on Sunday after church!  Enjoy the pictures and come back for comments later!


Grandpa B said...

Those are the greatest pictures of the sweetest 1 year old I know. We had a great weekend with the prep and then the dedication and party. I would drive a far as it takes to be a part of that again. Give Rease a big kiss from me and Grandma B. Love you kids!

Cindy said...

She is the most beautiful little girl. We miss her and her Mama and Daddy. Love from Mimi

S said...

Cuuuteee!!! Sure wish we could have been there!!! Hope her outfits fit!

Miss you all!! LU too!!!