Monday, April 26

Milk Duds, blown tires, Easter and a new baby!

I am finally finding sometime to post!  Rease is in bed, the dishwasher is loaded and Chris is in the shower.  So here at the computer I sit!

I promised some descriptions of what we have been up to lately in my last post so here goes.  Sorry it has taken me 3 1/2 weeks to get them to you!

Starting in February we became completely busy!  The last weekend we went back to Walton for a visit and a baby shower for Ryan & Sarah Pyke (Chris' cousin).  They welcomed Mason Louis Pyke to their family a few weeks later.  (I still don't hav a picture, even though we have met...sorry).  The first weekend of March we went up to Chesterton for Chuck and Kristen's baby shower and it was eventful to say the least!  We met at their house on Saturday and spent the day with them and Chris & Stephanie DiLullo.  We were all excited to meet up with Kramer's at the shower and spend the day catching up and celebrating the near arrival of Baby Mamich.  As it goes, DiLullo's bought Rease the most adorable outfits for her birthday.  The one outfit was on it's way to being too small by the time it would be warm enough to wear it so Steph and I decided Saturday morning would be an ideal time to put Rease in Chris' car and drive to the Carter's store in Michigan City and exchange it.  Well, we got there fine and right on time.  I even had a few extra minutes to stock up on some good clearance deals for Rease.  We hopped in the car and headed toward the interstate to meet up with the guys and head to the shower.  Well, we made a wrong turn..yes, even with the GPS, and finally got on the interstate.  About a minute into our 10 mile drive the car made this weird pulling sensation and I managed to keep us from swerving into the semi that I was trying to get around.  Then it started shaking like crazy.  I seriously thought the wheels were about to fall off.  I called Chris, attention - don't use your cell phone while you feel like your wheels are going to fall off, and pulled off on first exit.  As soon as we got on the exit and off the interstate the car went nuts.  I don't know if cars really go nuts, but this one did.  It was shaking and stammering like no other.  It was then I really thought we might have just lost a wheel.  I got the car stopped about half on the road and half in some really muddy, sandy grass and jumped out.  The tire was gone, completely shredded off of the rim.  Amazingly the rim wasn't damaged (if you know my husband you know this is a good thing, haha) and then looked at my sleeping baby in the back seat and lost it.  I started thanking God right then that we were able to get off of the interstate when we did and nothing bad happended to us.  Remember I had already talked to Chris and told him where we were and that we were exiting.  So I got back in the car, pretty hysterical, and called him back.  I attempted to tell him through sobs that the tire was gone and I am pretty sure he thought we had been hit while on the side of the road or something.  I think I ended up hanging up on him or something of the like because we were both upset for reasons unknown to the other and such.  Anyway, we got over that but it is kind of funny looking back.  Chris and Chris showed up, we swapped cars, did I forget to mention that the shower was starting in about 20 minutes, we had the cake and were an hour away..oops!  They proceeded to start changing the tire and putting on the donut when some random "good samaratin" tried to help them.  He pushed them out of the way and proceeded to jack up the car using the body and not the frame, real nice dude.  Thankfully DiLullo is pretty intimidating and told the guy to get lost.  So...about 22 tire stores and 4 hours later the guys showed up at the reception, starving and tired and it was over.  No food, no cake, just pack up and go home.  Sorry Jason, they really did want to hang out with you!

The next weekend Corwin's came to visit and compared to the weekend before it was pretty uneventful.  I think we just relaxed and visited.

The last weekend of March Chris went to Man Camp in Michigan and Mom, Dad, Abrah, Riley and Kelsey came over to visit.  Saturday we went downtown Washington to a couple of stores and to Holland's Mercantile to get some candy.  Yum!  Mom bought some fancy truffles and the rest of us got pretty much the same thing we could have gotten at Kroger for a tenth of the price.  You can't beat the feeling of being in the candy store though.  :)  So I made dinner that night and we were all sitting around the table after dinner chatting about random things.  I think the topic moved to Ryan catching himself on fire in the late 90's and we all couldn't believe Kelsey had never heard the story.  Along the way sometime, I gave Rease a paper bag with some chocolate covered milk duds in it from the candy shop.  I thought that shaking it around would keep her attention while we all chatted aimlessly.  Well I realized later that she was being really quiet as she sat on my lap.  I looked down and saw the bag with a huge whole chewed in it and chocolate covering Rease's mouth!!!  I freaked out thinking "how in the world can she chew up that caramel, she must be choking".  But the finger sweep didn't produce much, maybe a pea size amount of caramel.  I gaver her some water and she drank it fine so then we all laughed for a long time!  I am pretty sure she ate at least 2 of them!  I didn't know I had a chocolate lover on my hands!!  Now is the time I should tell you all that my first solid food was a snickers bar that I found in Abrah's backpack and proceeded to eat through the wrapper.  I guess Rease gets it honestly :)

The next weekend was Easter and there are a ton of pictures from our weekend home below.  Rease got her first boo boo when I kind of let her topple over right into a bed frame at mom and dad's.  Oops..  Don't worry, her ear is all healed up now and the pink and purple bruise matched her Easter dress :)

The weekend after that we ran up to meet baby Macy Mamich and she is a doll.  She slept the whole time.  I decided to try and strip her down to her diaper to wake her up and she didn't want any part of it.  She woke up enough to kind of give me a 'quit messing with me' look and went right back to sleep.  I am pretty sure that every parent must say this, but I hardly remember Rease being so small!

On the 10th Rease took her first steps.  Just shy of 11 months old.  She took a total of about 4 and really has shown no interest to take any more! Occassionally she will take one or two but then it is right down to her hands and knees and she is off.  She hasn't figured out that if she will just give it some work she will be faster walking than crawling.  But it's good, I'll keep her small as long as I can!

Chris was gone on a fishing trip with his dad to Kentucky last weekend and is getting ready to head to Wisconsin this weekend to run a 1/2 marathon with one of our pastors from church.  Wish him luck!  I will be here getting ready for Rease's 1st birthday party in a couple of weeks!  I cannot believe she is almost 1!!!

Here are the pictures! Enjoy!

We took Rease to the park on a really nice day in late March.  These are some of the pictures.

She refused to put her foot down for about a minute.
I think she was trying to figure out how she could do it without touching
the grass!
Aren't her shades adorable! They came from the DiLullo's during our
adventurous trip to the Carter's store!!!
This is one of my favorite pictures!
Rease loves thread.  She will sit there all day long and try to stack them up and clap them

Here starts the Easter pictures. 

Riley and Abrah were dying Easter eggs at Mom and Dad's.
I am pretty sure the counter is still stained in shades of rainbow!
Riley was pretty proud of his creations...
Rease's first Easter Egg Hunt.  We were just spectators, but Westen had fun. 
Go Boilers!
She wasn't loving the bunny ears, bummer.
Tuttle cousins at Great Grandma Joanne's after church.
Isn't her headband adorable?  I got it from Mandy Hall.
She made them to raise money for the Vasa Previa foundation and she did a great job.
We thought of them all day long as Rease wore it.
None of our family pictures turned out well, but this is as good as it gets...
Woody and Riley in action.
Mom made her Easter dress and it is so adorable!
Rease was in on the hunt, but as soon as she found one and realized
that it made sound when she shook it she parked and was done :)
Baby Macy!!!
The rest of these were taken just yesterday. She was
really enjoying my hat!


Ryan said...

Nice hat Chelsea! I think I recognize that.

Good luck on the half M Chris. That's awesome.

I would tell you here that I'm sure I told Kelsey that story, but that would get me in trouble. I'm glad I didn't say that.

Abrah said...

Rease, you are so cute! I love you and miss you! See you in a couple weeks!

Also, I did get all that egg dye off the counter. It took some scrubbing but it is back to white! :)

K B said...

Ryan, I'll deal with you later.

Abrah, every experienced egg colorist knows that you have to put down newspaper first...

And Chelsea, Your blog title was very misleading. I thought the "new baby" news was your own (okay, I was hoping!) Good luck with the party preparations! Sad I'll be missing, but I'll be thinking about you all! Give the birthday girl a big kiss for me!