Wednesday, March 31

New Pictures!


I have lots of things to talk about... like family visit, lots of recipes, sleep training and so on...
BUT..tomorrow we leave to go home for Easter and it is 8:30.  We haven't eaten dinner
or started packing, so you just get pictures for now!
I will try to add some captions tomorrow if I get time at work.  For now I guess
you will just have to try and guess!  The first pics are from February and go
until about last week.  I got some cute ones in the car tonight, but haven't
uploaded them yet...enjoy!

This one is from January!  I haven't posted in a long time!

This was one of the outfits Woody & Megan got Rease
for Christmas.  She wore it for the Super Bowl and was so cute!
For about 2 weeks before Rease got her tubes put in, this is where she slept.
I don't think any of us slept well during those 2 weeks....
I think I post a picture of Rease asleep in our bed about every other month.
It is still her favorite place to sleep.
Yes, that would be powdered sugar on her face!  I didn't let her eat the
donut..just lick it! She loved it!
Rease loves the dogs!!  Thankfully they like her too and don't get
aggitated when she pokes, pulls, and rolls all over them!
Who needs expensive toys when you have a box?!
Riley sent Rease a Valentine and she got to try the sucker.  After she took her first
lick, she didn't want to give it up!
Isn't Sarah glowing?  This was her baby shower...little Mason was born just a couple
of weeks later!  I would post a picture of him, but we haven't met yet so this will have to do...
Rease was all about trying to eat the wrapping paper from my birthday present!!
The girl loves to eat...  Cottage cheese just happens to be one of her favorites!
This was the night we got home from Kristen & Baby Mamich's shower in Chicago.
The same day Rease and I blew a tire on Chris' car on 294! Not fun!
We are still waiting on Baby Mamich to make her big debut!!! :)
Our first walk of the year!  It was still kind of chilly but we had to get out and enjoy the weather!
Rease loved it.  She talked and kicked her legs around the whole time!
Rease loves these blocks! And I love those eyes!
I also love these toes!!! They are so chubby and always curled up!
The girl has got some looks.  I think it is a Tuttle thing!
I think she was trying to tell me I stink... :)
Rease was having a ball in her crib the other day.  Chris did such a good job on it, she loves it!
This is from our nerds & pj bowling night for youth group.
I swear this kid could be a Bruner....
Rease's first pigtails!
Rease did not like the all
I made Jody's banana bread recipe and Rease devoured it!

Wednesday, March 24

Monday, March 8

Let me know

Hello out there!  I haven't posted in a couple weeks, but we are here and doing well.  I have been taking some good pictures of Rease lately and promise I will post them soon.  Possibly even tomorrow. 

For now, I just wanted to stop in and say that I have decided to make the blog private.  Rease's safety is more important to me than the number of people that read the blog (not that I think too many people read it).  I really don't have the time to watermark my photos or make nicknames up for our family or monitor where visitors to the site are viewing from.  Let's face it people, I am doing well to actually get a post up with some pictures more than twice a month!  I know that making the blog private may be annoying to some of you that read it, having to sign in to view it and all, but sorry....  So, if you read the blog and would like to continue being able to read it, please email me at and let me know so that I can add you to the list of viewers. 

So, that's it....let me know