Tuesday, February 9

Calloused Knees

I feel like it is time to play catch up! I haven't blogged in weeks and I haven't posted pictures in months. I feel like I have completly neglected blogging! I never even got around to putting an 8 month picture of Rease on the sidebar (until tonight) and she is almost 9 months old!

The lack of pictures is excusable (we ran out of space on our hard drive so I couldn't download new pictures), but I am afraid I have no excuse for the lack of posting. Although I think I am still posting more than Ryan (who was making all of us look pretty mediocre in our posting habits there for a while).

Rease has been changing by leaps and bounds lately. All 4 of her top teeth have now made their big debut, so the running total is up to 8! Man, that seems like a lot! She is clapping whenever we sing patty cake and has even tried to say patty cake ("atty ake") a few times. She still says "dada" and "mama" all the time and is starting to babble more and more. Her babbling tends to die down when her ears are bothering her so I can't wait to hear her talk all the time once they are fixed next week! Her knees are calloused from crawling all over as fast as she can whenever she can. And, I caught her waiving a couple times tonight. She hasn't really done it on que yet, but she was waving so I'll take it.

Speaking of calloused knees, today I read a story that I thought was pretty profound. I don't remember it exactly, so here is my paraphrase. It was on a blog that I check occassionaly, but can't find it now. Anyway.....a woman was diagnosed with MS and her neurologist wasn't a Christian. She was able to share her faith with him through their visits and the doctor became a Christian. Shortly after he went on a medical mission trip overseas and met a boy who suffered from severe epilepsy. The doctor noticed that his knees were very, very calloused and asked if it was from the epilepsy. He said "no" and that "it is from continually bowing down in prayer asking God to heal me". The doctor was stunned at the faith of this small boy and grew even deeper in his faith.

So, how about you? How are your knees? I know mine aren't as calloused and rough as they should be most days. I get busy in the day to day activities or working, mothering, being a wife, and trying to maintain a somewhat orderly house and don't spend the time in prayer that I should. So as I challenge myself and you to be more prayerful, I would liek to ask you to pray specifically for my mom.

Most of you know that my mom was diagnosed with cancer back in 2004. The day in October of 2004 that I found out will always be in my memory. I remember all the events of the day. And hoped that Mom would get better and I wouldn't have to hear the words "the cancer is growing again". But in around October of 2009 that was what we heard. Mom went in for her routine testing and her tumor markers were up. All of her organ scans are clean, but she does have a "hot spot" on one of her previous cancer spots. As I understood it, the bone scans are hard to decifer as far as cancer, new bone growth, etc. The first medicine they tried didn't do a sufficient job so Mom is on her 2nd drug to try to stop "feeding" the cancer. So please pray for her. She is doing well but I know that she covets your prayers more than anything.

I think I speak for mom and the rest of the clan when I say thanks in advance for surrounding her in prayer. And if there is anything that Chris and I can be praying for you or your families about let us know in the comments!

On a completely different note, I have been asked for some pictures so here you go! We just ordered another hard drive this week so hopefully I can get the rest of the new pictures downloaded off of the camera this weekend and put some more up!

Ivens and his 2 brothers and mom came back for a Christmas visit!
The grandkids..
apparently Taylor thought something was really funny

Mom made those santa hats....adorable!
I think these two might get into some trouble in years to come!
Why does Rease look nearly as long as Riley!

Seriously, what am I going to do with her hair!
But I love the face!

Rease finally got a handmade (hand ironed??) shirt from Uncly Ry!

Testing out the new carseat!
stylin in Megan's outfit!


- B said...

Your daughter is such a doll! And I LOVE her hair! It always looks like she's been having a wild time. :-)

I will certainly pray for your mom. She is such a wonderful woman and I'm sorry she's having to go through this again.

Jodie Ramer said...

We will pray for your mom --your mom is a special person---keep us updated

Abrah said...

Thanks for the new pictures. She is so cute!

S said...

I miss that baby soooo much. She is the cutest!!!!!!! Love you all!! Will see your mom this weekend , going home for the funeral.