Tuesday, January 12


Chris is at church playing basketball, Rease is in bed, the dogs are fed, and dinner leftovers are in the fridge so I have some time to blog!

I feel like I haven't posted in months, it has probably only been about a month, but who's counting!

Things have been busy around here. We went back home for Christmas and were there from the 23rd - the 31st. It was a wonderful time full of family, food, fellowship, and the flu...

Rease pushed herself up into a sitting position for the 1st time on the evening of the 23rd. We had just gotten to Mom and Dad's and Mom said "so can Rease sit herself up yet?". I said no, we are working on it though. Then we turned around and Rease was on her belly and then sitting up. It was the funniest thing. I guess I should just talk about her doing things more often. :)

Christmas Eve we spent time with Barb's side of the family and then were back at Mom and Dad's for the evening. Every one was home by that point and it was a lot of fun to catch up and enjoy everyone's company.

Christmas morning we got up early and went to Corwin's to do gifts and breakfast with them and then went back to Mom and Dad's for ring-a-lings and gift opening with the Tuttle's. It was fun, chaotic, entertaining, and tiring all at once! Riley tried very patiently to wait until all the presents had been handed out before opening his presents. But it finally got to be too much and he just went to town. Rease was pretty entertained by crawling around from person to person trying to eat any paper and tags she could get ahold of. She was blessed with lots of clothes, toys and books at all of her Christmas' and is working on wearing, enjoying, reading all of them. I would have to say that the present of the year at the Corwin's was my ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid and at Tuttle's was Mom's bicycle basket. Here is the story behind the basket if you don't know already...
My mom loves her some coca cola. Recently the Shed switched
from Pepsi to Coke (according to Ryan it isn't as good as Hap's
but will do in a pinch. By pinch he means if you aren't at Hap's
and going to the Mini-Mart is out of the question....). So Mom was
talking about how she was going to have to walk to the Shed to get a
coke this summer because she didn't think she could ride her bike and
cary the cup. So Abrah was at Walmart and saw a huge bicycle basket
and thought she would get it for Mom's bike and have Josh rig up
some cup holders in it. Their attempt was successful and I am not
sure that I have seen Mom laugh that hard in a long time.
Christmas night we spent time with Mom's side of the family. Woody may have gotten the pinata, but Grandma got the gift of the year. Mom made her a table quilt out of my Grandma's Grandma's old quilt and some of her mom's handkerchiefs. Everyone was crying at that point, even Josh! :)
Christmas morning Rease also popped out her 3rd tooth! Then on the 26th out came tooth number 4! She has added 2 more to her collection (finally on the top!) last weekend. So we are up to 6 and counting!
On the 30th we went to see Dr. Mark Jones at his chiropractic practice in Westfield. Rease is still battling the ear infection she has had since Thanksgiving and Abrah told us their was something Mark could do to help her ears drain better. So I called them up and he got us right in and it did seem to help for a day or two. I will be honest and say that I had a really hard time taking her to have it done. If it weren't for the fact that it was Mark I probably wouldn't have ever done it. But, it helped her out for a couple of days so we decided to take her to someone over here (don't worry we did our research and had references) to have it done again. She slept all night last night, so I am thinking it might be helping. Mark told us we would probably have to have the adjustment done a few times due to the stubborn infection she had, but it seems like maybe it is helping out. We go back Friday for another adjustment and then Monday we go see the Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor.
New Year's Eve we spent our first night away from Rease. Mom and Dad came over and watched her while we went to Bloomington to visit with some college friends for the night. I had a great time catching up and enjoying their company, but I sure did miss Rease. I had the hardest time falling asleep because I wasn't at home with her. All I wanted to do was sleep because I knew I could get about 7 hours of straight sleep before we got up and headed back home, but I couldn't fall asleep!
Last Thursday was a snow day for the day care so I stayed home with Rease. It was great. I got absolutely no work done, but oh well. Rease wouldn't nap unless I held her or laid down with her so we both got a good nap and I loved it! I tried to lay her in her crib for her afternoon nap and she just screamed. If you read my last post you know what happened next! Ever since then she thinks she needs to stand up on everything! She keeps trying to stand up on the couch, but the cushions are too thick for her little hands to grab on to and she just falls down. Tonight she even walked from one couch to the other holding my hands. She really thinks she is something!
That is the latest and greatest news from our neck of the woods. Sorry this is a bare post as far as pictures go. We are out of space on our hard drive and external hard drive, so we haven't been able to upload any pics since before Christmas. Hopefully soon we will remedy that problem and I can upload pictures from Christmas, etc.
I am off to sit on the couch and do nothing! I am looking forward to it!

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Abrah said...

She is probably wanting to stand up and walk everywhere because her Aunt Abrah was practicing with her over Christmas.