Monday, December 21

As Promised, Even if it is a Little Late

Sorry for the long delay, things have been very busy around here. Getting ready to spend two weeks away from your house with Christmas and everything else is very time consuming. I can say that we are almost done packing, etc., so now I have some time to blog! And I have gotten many comments about how I promised pictures about a month ago and still haven't done it! So here you go!

Rease is 7 months now and changing so fast. She has been crawling since Thanksgiving Day and talking more and more. Tonight she sat in the kitchen with Chris while I made dinner and said "dadadada..." like crazy. Chris is pretty excited she chose that sound to make first. Although, I keep telling him she doesn't yet understand what she is saying. :)

I took Rease back to the doctor today..ugh. This was our 4th appointment since right before her 6 month check up. So yes, 4 appointments in about 6 weeks - not a streak I want to continue. The last three appointments have been for ear related issues. After two antibiotics her ear infections are still there and very much an issue for her. So we got referred to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist today. Our dr. said it could take a week for them to even call us and make the appointment, but I am really praying that it happens sooner than that. For 1 because Rease is miserable while she is sleeping (during the day it doesn't seem to bother her so much) and 2 because we have already met our max. out of pocket for the year and who wouldn't like a "free" visit. Oh well, I just hope it is soon so she can feel better soon.

She loves her food and eats pretty much whatever is put in front of her. I don't think there is anything we have fed her that she doesn't like. She eats puffs whenever she can and picks them up and puts them in her mouth like she has been doing it forever. I have yet to give her any other "solid" food because I am terrified she will choke. I realize this is a fear I am going to have to get over, but I think she is fine for a little while longer :)

We finished up all of our Christmas shopping this weekend and had a few unexpected encounters. First was when I was in The Children's Place getting a shirt for Rease to wear under her Christmas dress. I was waiting in line behind a lady that was nit-picking over every price, changing her mind about what she was and wasn't going to buy and going back and forth between the check out and the clearance racks. I am all for getting a good deal, but this lady was taking forever! All I wanted to do was pay for my couple of shirts and get out of there. So I am waiting, waiting and I see a guy and girl walk in with clipboards and they are walking right for me. I am thinking "Seriously, I do not want to be part of some survey or something - maybe if I just pretend to ignore them they will pick on someone else instead of me". Didn't work. Here is how the conversation went:

Them: Merry Christmas

Me: Merry Christmas to you too

Them: We are with xyz radio station* and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas by
giving you a free $50 gift card.

Me: Huh, what do I have to do if I take the card.

Them: Nothing, just sign here to say you accepted it and have a good Christmas.

Me: Oh, thanks Merry Christmas

*I don't remember the name of the station (hope they weren't expecting any publicity from me...).
Somewhere during that conversation, probably while I had the dumbfounded, man I was a jerk to you and you just gave me 50 bucks face they snapped my picture. It's probably up on the website or something and I look terrible. I told Chris they probably gave it to me because I looked like I could use it (I hadn't exactly gotten "ready" to go to the mall that day). (This is Chris and for a picture of my lovely wife looking at the guy that is about to hand her a free $50 think "Don't even talk to me" go here click on the Northwoods mall $50 gift card give away. She is about the 4th or 5th picture.)

Any way - the second encounter was when we were in Farm & Fleet (similar to Rural King) on Sunday after church. We were walking around finishing up some more shopping and I had Rease in her ring sling on my hip. I noticed a couple of middle aged guys kind of looking at us and following a safe distance behind for a few aisles. Then we stopped to look at something and they came up to us and asked where I got my sling. I am pretty sure Chris and I just looked at them like "what in the world do you want to know that for" because they quickly said "our wives have been looking for one of those". Lol. I refered them to the Maya Wrap website and told them to also check out One of the guys was perfectly content with that little information, but not his buddy. He asked me to turn around so he could see the whole contraption, asked how Rease was sitting in it so she didn't fall out, asked about the rings, how one could be made, asked if he could touch it, and on and on. I didn't mind in the least but I could tell his buddy was more than ready to go. Then he said to him, "hey get out your phone and take a picture". The poor guy that just wanted to get away kind of looked at me shyly and asked "do you mind?". I just laughed and said no and Rease and I posed in the middle of the automotive department for some guy's cell phone shot. It was hilarious. They said thanks and went on their way and as they walked away I could here Mr. 20 questions ask his friend if he was embarrasing him and he said "Yes you are VERY much embarrassing me right now". Lol. It was hilarious.

So, before I go and finish up some dishes and packing up some cookies for the pediatrician's office (have to say thank you for taking such good care of Rease over the last few weeks :) ) I will leave you with some pictures and videos! Enjoy! And we can't wait to see everyone in a few short days for Christmas!

Rease was so tired one night she fell asleep when I was burping her.

Cranking out some tunes on the Baby Einstein piano

Crazy look on her face, but had to show Micah her boots!

A total cheese for the camera

Hilarious, I love her and her crazy hair and drool

Rease and her 4-legged friends (Colby looks hilarious)

Mom made her that Santa hat.
She was totally posing for the camera, it was so cute!

Enjoying the wrapping paper on a present from her
day care teachers.

I am pretty sure she was making some pretty loud
sounds during this picture.

So cute, this was on Saturday last weekend.

After she opened her gifts from us on Sunday,
she keeps thinking all of the ones under the tree are for
her as well. I caught her chewing on this gift.
Sorry Mom, some of the paper is missing off one of
your gifts...

Caught, red handed....

Enjoy these videos. One of her crawling across the living
room (sorry for the mess...), and one of her laughing
while we are playing (ignore Chris passed out in the chair, he had
just gotten his eyes dialated and wasn't good for much....).


Abrah said...

We miss you Rease! I hope she feels better soon! See you in a couple days. You are too cute!

Stephanie D. said...

That picture of Rease at the top has to be one of the most adorable baby pictures ever! Chris and I also loved the pictures of Rease opening the gift we sent and her infatuation with the lid to the box : )

Ryan said...

Rease always has a crazy look on her face. I think it's because of her mad scientist hair (that's what I call it).