Thursday, November 12

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Spamming

**This was supposed to show up before the 6 month post, but it didn't (my computer skills really stink lately). So keep scrolling after you read this and check out Rease at 6 months.**

So, I was pretty sure I was going to get fired on Monday.

First, a little background on my job. I am the system administrator for our computerized maintenance system....aka Maximo.

Now a little background on last week. Rease had an eye and ear infection and sleep miserably all week. Rease sleeping miserably = Chelsea sleeping miserably. So by the time Friday rolled around I was pretty much a walking zombie. I remember sending someone the wrong attachment about 4 times. That should have been reason enough for me to go take a nap in my car at lunch or something, but I didn't. I just kept on keeping on like I wasn't exhausted. I also forgot to turn something in Maximo back on after I "fixed" it. Turns out what I thought I fixed, wasn't so fixed. Read on, you'll see.

I got to work and read my emails and noticed one that said "Chelsea, I received 1500 text messages to my phone last night. Please stop them, this is really annoying. My phone is buzzing like a bee." Or something like that. I really didn't think anything of it. I had bigger issues that morning and I wasn't too worried about some guy having 1500 text messages (and he worked 3rds, so I knew I couldn't talk to him until later int he afternoon anyway).

So I went about my morning, figuring I would fix his issue later. Then I got a call from one of the guys in IT and he was laughing hysterically. He asked why I decided to spam someones phone last night and what in the world was I doing. I told him 1500 wasn't spamming and I would fix it. Then he told me that it wasn't a mere 1500 texts, it was 335,000!!! Woah! What. Seriously? As soon as he said that we were both laughing so hard I thought we would pee our pants. My first thought was, oh crap how much is this gonna cost me. So we started talking about cell phone plans at CAT and how much we pay per text, etc. Turns out we pay 10cents a text...ouch. If he receives all those messages that is about 30,000 bucks. Oh man, how am I going to explain this one to the boss (remember, the economy stinks....).

So, I read over my code time and time again and couldn't figure out what went wrong to make it go nuts like that. Turns out I will probably never know.

But, I thankfully got his phone plan switched to unlimited texting, thank you Verizon, and all is well. may want to think twice before you ask me to write you any SQL or send you a text....


Cindy said...

So Chelsea. You are still in there, even all grown up. Very funny and so Chelsea.

Abrah said...

Funny Chelsea! Let's focus on keeping our job okay?!? :)

S said...

Oh my gosh....I am laughing.....hang in there sweetie.....