Wednesday, October 14

Slowly getting back to normal!

The change in Rease from last week to Monday when I picked her up from daycare is like night and day. Seriously, how can altering her routine make her that upset! If I said I don't plan on altering her routine any time soon I would be lying. Since we are going home to see Ryan on his impromptu visit home on Monday and Tuesday. Yeah for seeing Ryan, but hopefully Rease will adjust better this time.

Anyway, Rease is doing great. Eating well, not biting (thank goodness) and sleeping much better. Monday night she even slept through the night again. What a way to commemorate her 5 month "birthday"! Sunday night she was awake for about 2 hours but it happened to span the time of 2:47 am Monday it is okay because I just sat there rocking her and loving every minute of thinking about her birth day! We actually got a few good pictures in St. Louis. If you look closely in a couple of them you can even see her two bottom teeth! They are in and sharp! I am pretty sure she is working on the top two because she is again chewing on everything in site and is a drooling queen.

She is starting to sit up pretty well on her own and pull her legs up under her when she is on her belly. She is starting to love Colby and Molly too. When I took her to the kennel with me to pick them up after we got back from St. Louis, she got all excited and started talking and waving her arms around when she saw them in the yard. How cute. I took her to the doctor last week (Oct. 8) and she was 15 lb, 14 oz. Doing pretty good in the weight department considering she really isn't getting any solid foods yet. **We stopped cereal last week when she was super fussy to make sure it wasn't related to that and haven't started back up again**

Last weekend Mom, Dad, Josh, Abrah and Riley came over to help us with some landscaping projects in the back yard. The guys did all of the work and we entertained Rease and Riley. Except for when Riley got all bundled up with his winter gear (it was freezing) and his tool belt to go outside and help. I didn't get any pictures because my camera was dead and I have no idea where the charger is. He was super cute though. We went to Tanner's Orchard on Sunday after church and it was also freezing so Rease and I sat in the car after the store walk through. We actually saw snowflakes on the drive there! In October! Crazy!

I know this post was all over the place, but hopefully you were able to follow most of it. Here are some pictures and a link to a bunch more from September and October (click here). Enjoy!

Rease and Chris in downtown St. Charles, MO
Rease and Chelsea in St. Charles
(very cool place & shopping if you have never been)

New landscape rock around the fire pit, swing and house.

Rease showing off her new bunny slippers (thanks Kristen!)

Loving the exersaucer (thanks Laura)

Downtown St. Louis

Rease living it up in St. Louis

No matter how many times we put Orajel on Rease's gums she makes this face.

No sound, but hilarious.


Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

So adorable. I cannot wait to see you all again!

Kristen said...

I LOVE the slippers!!!! They are so adoreable. I am glad she likes them! I must say those sunglasses are quite fabulous.... great pictures! Tell Chris he and the boys did a nice job with the landscaping! We have to come out and see you guys soon; I am already having withdrawls!

Stephanie said...

Haha! I am at work right now, watching the video of adorable little Rease making some of the cutests disgusted faces I have ever seen in my life!!! She's getting so darn big and I want to see her and you guys! I know you said you don't have any more vacation time, so I'm thinking that maybe we can come to you sometime next month before Thanksgiving? Let me know what your schedule looks like!

Jenny said...

I saw your folks and Ryan this week. Your mom told us the "window story". I have to say I was rolling as she was telling the story! Aunt Chelsea REALLY loves Riley and he better not forget it.