Friday, October 2

Quick Pics

We are going to St. Louis for a little time away tomorrow so as I sit here waiting on the washer to get done I thought I would post a couple of pictures. I have more new ones on my camera, but I don't have the energy to find it or download them, so maybe another day.

Before the wedding last weekend, Rease wasn't cooperating.

Isn't the dress Mimi made so beautiful!

First time trying cereal! Still isn't a huge fan.

Here is Rease talking away in the car last week on the way home from work. Ignore the I took it with my cell phone while driving. I am pretty sure she is talking well in this one - I took three and don't want to wake her up listening to them, so I just picked one.


Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

she gets cuter every time I check your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Paul said...

I'm pretty sure I heard "I miss Uncle Tom"