Saturday, October 31

First Foods, Halloween, Bath Time, and the Party Wagon

We have a lot of ground to cover in this post so lets get busy!

First things, first. Rease is loving food. She started solids about 2 weeks ago and is loving almost everything we have given her. I have even gotten her to eat quite a bit of her peas :)

I am trying to make all of her baby food, using organic veggies and fruits when possible. So far we have made squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peas and bananas. I have apples, pears, and avacados on the agenda for tomorrow. I want to make her rice cereal too, but I have to check with the doc about possibly needing iron supplements since all of the baby cereal is fortified with that, so she is eating store bought cereal right now, but hopefully that will change soon.

Here are some peas, pumpkin and cereal.
Rease post dinner.
I am pretty sure she was thining "oh that was good".

Thinking she is hott stuff holding the spoon.

So messy, but so cute.

The bath that took place moments after dinner.
Apparently she was still hungry because she
ate her tows the whole time.

I know, you are all jealous your hair doesn't do this!

Ignoring mommy's attempt at a kiss.

Just hanging out before bed. So happy.

Monday night I was making dinner and kept asking Chris to bring Rease in and get her ready to eat. After a few attempts (and I am sure a little annoyance in my voice) he told me to come in the living room. And this is what I found.
He put his hand on Rease's head to keep it from flopping around (she was falling asleep but he didn't realize it) and a few minutes later she was out. She wasn't happy when I whisked her off to change her diaper (in hopes to wake her up). But, as soon as the food hit her mouth she was happy once again.

Rease really, really, really wants to crawl. Here are a couple of pictures of her trying pretty hard to hone her skills. She is creeping pretty well just needs to figure out to use her hands and arms and not her head. She also likes to lay down and pull herself into a sitting position and then up to a standing position.

Getting pretty
good at creeping along.

She pulled herself up and stood like this for about
20 seconds. She is getting too big!

Hanging out with daddy after work.

The only thing that I like about Halloween is when little kids come to the door dressed up in super cute outfits. Well, that and that the big bag of candy left in the kitchen because we only had 2 of those said kids.

Chris' favorite part of Halloween (well, that might be a stretch, but I really don't know if he has a favorite part of Halloween) is the Party Wagon. We really don't know if that is the proper term, but that is what we call it. Last year we were in the living room and all the sudden could hear "Thriller" being played so loud outside. We opened the curtains and saw a tractor pulling a hay wagon full of adults and glowing lights around town. They just so happened to stop in front of our house for the majority of the song. The entourage was complete with some guy dressed up as a ghost or something walking a dog beside the wagon. Chris has been wondering all week if we would see said wagon again and low and behold - they just drove by. This time with a wagon full of kids and the adults walking behind while belting out some weird rap song involving the Chipmunks. Weird. I would like to say that that is why Rease is laying in her crib screaming right now, but it isn't. She has woken up about 2 times after being put to bed for the last week and half. She won't go back to sleep on her own, is dry and isn't hungry. If Chris goes in she just screams more and won't calm down at all. I go in and she falls asleep as soon as I pick her up and sit in the chair. As soon as I lay her down she wakes up smiling and won't go to sleep. So, enough is enough we are just going to have to figure out a way out of this habit. So it has been about 5 minute of crying so far and it is more like a wimper here and there now. I'll give it another 5 and hope she is asleep by then.

Anyway, back to Halloween. Rease was a ballerina. Not the best costume idea ever, but it only took me about 20 mintues to make the tu-tu and I wanted something that could be worn in her carseat (even though we only went to one place). I also bought her some rather adorable Robeez a while back and she has only worn them about 5 times. At that rate it is costing about 6 dollars per time she has worn them so I wanted to find another use for them as she has just about outgrown them. Here are some pictures.

Rease's Halloween outfit for daycare.
The only explanation I have for the crazy look on her face
is it was really early.
I probably look that dazed in the morning too.

These were uploaded out of order, but cute.
So enjoy!

Daddy said something very funny during bath time.

I love to get a bath in my bumbo seat!

I am getting pretty chubby!

Back to Halloween

I love this one, probably my favorite.
Those eyes melt my heart every time I see them.
"I am not too sure about this outfit mom"

Adorable. They both look so happy.

Look at the baby and not the sink of dirty dishes!

Halloween 2009

She still isn't done crying so I guess I will go back in and try again. Good night all. Hopefully Rease will be sleeping soon. Enjoy this video on your way out! P.S - I got her to sleep before the video finished uploading, yea!

Thursday, October 29

Coming soon to a blog near you!

I have new pictures and even a video to update the blog with, but haven't had time yet. I am going to try to do that tonight. So keep an eye out for a new post!

We have been busy around here but it never seems like we get anything done! I haven't even made Rease's Halloween costume yet!

Hopefully I can get a post up tonight! You are going to love the pictures!

Wednesday, October 14

Slowly getting back to normal!

The change in Rease from last week to Monday when I picked her up from daycare is like night and day. Seriously, how can altering her routine make her that upset! If I said I don't plan on altering her routine any time soon I would be lying. Since we are going home to see Ryan on his impromptu visit home on Monday and Tuesday. Yeah for seeing Ryan, but hopefully Rease will adjust better this time.

Anyway, Rease is doing great. Eating well, not biting (thank goodness) and sleeping much better. Monday night she even slept through the night again. What a way to commemorate her 5 month "birthday"! Sunday night she was awake for about 2 hours but it happened to span the time of 2:47 am Monday it is okay because I just sat there rocking her and loving every minute of thinking about her birth day! We actually got a few good pictures in St. Louis. If you look closely in a couple of them you can even see her two bottom teeth! They are in and sharp! I am pretty sure she is working on the top two because she is again chewing on everything in site and is a drooling queen.

She is starting to sit up pretty well on her own and pull her legs up under her when she is on her belly. She is starting to love Colby and Molly too. When I took her to the kennel with me to pick them up after we got back from St. Louis, she got all excited and started talking and waving her arms around when she saw them in the yard. How cute. I took her to the doctor last week (Oct. 8) and she was 15 lb, 14 oz. Doing pretty good in the weight department considering she really isn't getting any solid foods yet. **We stopped cereal last week when she was super fussy to make sure it wasn't related to that and haven't started back up again**

Last weekend Mom, Dad, Josh, Abrah and Riley came over to help us with some landscaping projects in the back yard. The guys did all of the work and we entertained Rease and Riley. Except for when Riley got all bundled up with his winter gear (it was freezing) and his tool belt to go outside and help. I didn't get any pictures because my camera was dead and I have no idea where the charger is. He was super cute though. We went to Tanner's Orchard on Sunday after church and it was also freezing so Rease and I sat in the car after the store walk through. We actually saw snowflakes on the drive there! In October! Crazy!

I know this post was all over the place, but hopefully you were able to follow most of it. Here are some pictures and a link to a bunch more from September and October (click here). Enjoy!

Rease and Chris in downtown St. Charles, MO
Rease and Chelsea in St. Charles
(very cool place & shopping if you have never been)

New landscape rock around the fire pit, swing and house.

Rease showing off her new bunny slippers (thanks Kristen!)

Loving the exersaucer (thanks Laura)

Downtown St. Louis

Rease living it up in St. Louis

No matter how many times we put Orajel on Rease's gums she makes this face.

No sound, but hilarious.

Wednesday, October 7

I can't figure it out....

You know what I can't figure out....why Rease has suddenly become super grumpy. It started on our trip to St. Louis (that stunk so much we decided to pack up at 6 am and come home a day early, I'll save the details for another post). Ever since last Saturday she doesn't want to eat and is super grouchy come bed time. Whenever it is time to eat she acts hungry and then she gets close to me and arches her back and become stiff as a board and just screams. Ugh...I have about come to the end of my rope. 5 days of that is about enough to drive any one insane. If she does decide to nurse she gets in about 3 minutes (5 if I am lucky) and then repeats the stiff as a board tactic. I thought she was being stubborn about nursing because we were having to give her some milk in a bottle with her medicine (for the ear infection she had a couple weeks ago). But the medicine has come and gone and her mood hasn't. :(

Bed time is pretty much the same thing. She is so tired and falls asleep about the minute I pick her up. She used to be a great baby to put to sleep. Feed her, read to her, sing a couple songs lay her down and she would fall asleep in about 3 minutes. Now I lay her down and she stays asleep for about 3 seconds (won't fall asleep on her own) and then decides she has to roll over to her belly and the crying begins. Monday and last night the screaming went on for about 30-40 minutes. Last night she also woke up twice and she usually only wakes up once. Oh wait, she had been sleeping through the night until that darn trip to St. Louis.... So last night she woke up and stayed awake doing the crying when I lay her down routine for about an hour.

I love Rease to death, but right now she is about all I can handle. And yes, I am pretty sure I am just as grumpy. Any advice on what to do to help her break these habits? I don't think it is her teeth bothering her because both of her bottom ones have been in for over a week. Any advice is welcome because I am about to pull my hair out!

Friday, October 2

Quick Pics

We are going to St. Louis for a little time away tomorrow so as I sit here waiting on the washer to get done I thought I would post a couple of pictures. I have more new ones on my camera, but I don't have the energy to find it or download them, so maybe another day.

Before the wedding last weekend, Rease wasn't cooperating.

Isn't the dress Mimi made so beautiful!

First time trying cereal! Still isn't a huge fan.

Here is Rease talking away in the car last week on the way home from work. Ignore the I took it with my cell phone while driving. I am pretty sure she is talking well in this one - I took three and don't want to wake her up listening to them, so I just picked one.

Thursday, October 1

Eight is Great

Yes, that's right; I got eight straight hours of sleep last night. We had to wake Rease up at 5:20 so she could eat and get ready to go to day care. I am so glad we all slept so well last night. I don't even think I moved once I went to bed. Mostly due to the sinus and ear infection I have, but also because Rease was peacefully sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG! This is cause for a celebration!