Thursday, September 24

Pearly Whites

As of yesterday Rease's first tooth is officially all the way in! The entire top has broken through the gum and is SHARP! She was a pretty happy camper throughout the teething experience, I am hoping the rest of her teeth will be just as smooth! I haven't gotten a picture yet, because her tongue is always in the way. I think she bit her tongue or something last night. She was sitting there happy as can be playing with a toy and chewing on her fingers and then just started screaming. I guess she is still getting used to that super sharp tooth hanging around in her mouth.

She did get an ear infection this week so I got to stay home with her yesterday while we met the 24 hours of antibiotics and 24 hours without a fever rule. It was great. Not great that she was sick and not feeling 100%, but great that I got to stay home with her. It just happened to be on a day when the neighbor was cutting 2 trees down so she wouldn't nap in her crib much. Which I am a little bummed about because I really wanted to lay down and take a nap too, oh well.

Rease has also decided that she is too cool to sleep on her back anymore. Friday night she decided that since she could roll over she needed to sleep on her stomach. She is hilarious. She rolls over and instead of pushing her arm out from under her she grabs the slat of the crib and pulls up her whole chest and then just rolls her arm out. Seems like more effort than it is worth if you ask me, I would just wiggle my arm out.

We borrowed Laura's exersaucer and Rease is having a ball. Until she tried to put one of the toys in her mouth and she just sits there and bangs herself in the head with it. She also has figured out where the tv is and will squirm around and roll over until she is in perfect view of it. And that is why Chris and I pretty much only watch TV after she is in bed, if we watch any at all.

I have some pictures to post, but probably won't get them up until tonight. I just wanted to tell you all the good news on the dental front!


Stephanie said...

There you go! Done and done! You will have your retiremnt cake done by me! That stinks that you guys don't have any more vacation time but is to be expected considering you, you know, had a baby this year. LoL. Maybe we can come to you, then? Chris has oodles of comp time or we could both leave after work on a Friday or something. We would love to see you guys and Little Miss Rease : ) Let us know a weekend that would work for you and we'll try to work it out! Oh, and Yay for new teeth!

Justin, Haley, and Jayden Ramer said...

jayden doesn't even have teeth!! i am thinking it will be anytime!!

Cindy said...

Mimis should not have to hear about ear infections and new teeth on a blog! Does your phone not work? I love you. Seriously!