Wednesday, August 19

Pray for Riley

Please pray for Abrah, Josh, and Riley. Abrah just called and said that Riley's doctor admitted him to the hospital for a breathing problem. I don't know many details, just that he went to the doctor because he was weezing, etc., was given a breathing treatment and then the doctor wanted him admitted because he didn't feel comfortable sending him home. At this point I don't think they are sure what is causing it, but Abrah said maybe broncitus, asthma, etc.

I am at work, so I don't have any recent pictures but I thought this one was a fitting description of Riley. This was taken last summer at Micah and Caleb's wedding after he went to the water fountain for a drink. He is rotten, but we all love him dearly. Pray for him to get better soon!

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- B said...

Man! The little ones in your family have had it rough lately!

We'll certainly be praying for Riley!!