Wednesday, August 12

3 Months

Rease is 3 months old today, I can't believe it. I also can't believe we got to help commemorate her 3 month "birthday" with a 3 day hospital stay. Other things that she is up to these days:
- laughing
- trying to blow spit bubbles on purpose
- still not enjoying tummy time
- trying very hard to roll over, until she finds her thumb and would rather suck on that
- sucking on her thumb every chance she gets
- smiling like crazy
- started daycare (8/3/09)
- chewing on anything that gets close to my mouth
- making Chris and I happy every day!

So here is how are weekend played out along with a couple of photos.
Friday after work I picked her up from day care and thought she felt a little warm so I brought her home and took her temp (thought she had been acting like she was getting a cold all week, but no fever, etc.). It was about 100.4. I called the Dr's office and they made us an appointment at the Pediatric After-hours Clinic since they were closing. We got there a few hours later and her temp was 102.9. They said she just had some kind of cold virus and to keep an eye on her and give her some tylenol. If she started having problems breathing, throwing up, becoming dehydrated give them a call.

Friday night stunk. She didn't sleep much and she had to be held the entire night. We even tried putting the bassinet back in our room instead of putting her in her crib and that worked for all of about 5 minutes. Needless to say, Chris and I were spent; along with Rease who also felt pretty bad.

Saturday was the same thing, until about 11:00 when she started throwing up. I called the doc and they said to get her the ER as soon as possible. So here we were, still in our pj's, no shower, and needing to make our first visit to the ER. We got there and only had to wait about 25 minutes, thank goodness. The doctors checked her out and her temp was 104. Poor girl. They said they wanted to do x-rays and draw blood to test the function of her kidneys, liver, etc., to make sure there were no infections there. They also tested for bladder infection, UTI, etc. Then they said, since she is so young and her fever is so high and she is so irritable we are also going to do a spinal tap to make sure she doesn't have meningitis. Great, just what I didn't want to hear. Shortly after all of this was done and she was sitting there with us looking and feeling pathetic and hooked up to her IV they told us they were admitting us. They watch the cultures for all of the above for 48 hours to make sure no infection pops up. And as a safety precaution in case she had meningitis she would be getting antibiotics which also required a hospital stay.
So, that is where we spend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Thankfully all of her cultures were negative for infection and finally on Monday late morning her fever finally broke. We are thankful that it was just a very nasty intestinal virus and nothing more serious. Thanks to every one who was praying for Rease to get better. We really appreciated it

Taken today....starting to feel better
Told you I chew on everything in site
Taken today with Chris during the day, feeling much better
Sunday in the hospital....finally asleep
Saturday in the ER...doesn't she look so unhappy
Another ER shot. This was after all of the poking and proding....
Friday night at the doctor....Chris was feeling sad that Rease didn't feel well
Getting ready for the 1st day at day care!
More 1st day shots...
Sitting with Daddy before leaving for daycare
I will try to get a link up to the rest of her "3 month pictures" up over the weekend.


Cindy said...

she looks so beautiful, even when shee is sick. love you

Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

Soooo glad to hear Rease is doing better. You guys have been in our prayers!!!! And goodness she's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abrah said...

Her huge Chelsea eyeballs crack me up! She is too cute and I am so glad she is better!

Ryan said...

Ha ha. I didn't realize where the huge eyeballs came from, but you're right. It's Chelsea!