Thursday, July 9

Back to Work & Catching Up with Pictures

I started back to work on stinks, plain and simple. Leaving Rease hasn't been as hard as I anticipated, but she is also staying home with Grandma Corwin this week. I am laid off the next two weeks, so she is spending some time at home before she goes to day care in August. It is still hard, it would be great if I could be at home with her all day long, but I can't.

One other thing that stinks about work is having to wear shoes! I haven't had socks and shoes on since May 10th!!! (Except for maybe one or two walks here and there). Mom and Dad will testify to the fact that I cannot stand to have things on my feet. As a child I used to always pull off my shoes and socks and say "My feets are hot". Maybe Rease will get that trait, who knows. So adjusting to sitting at my desk all day, missing my baby, staring at spreadsheets, with feet that wish they were in flip flops is torture.

Rease is smiling a bunch more now and cooing like crazy. She wakes up so happy in the mornings and just lays on her changing pad smiling and talking to you incessintly. I love it. She had a weight check at the doctor on the 2nd and was 11 pounds 15 ounces at 7.5 weeks old. I think she is doing just fine as far as the weight goes! Next week we have to get her 2 month shots and her two month check up. We are very excited to see how long she is!

Here are some pictures from the last week or so. Some are just us around the house and the others are from our trip to Walton/Galveston for the 4th weekend. The rest of them can be found here.

Look at her cute bonnet! For some reason I think of Little Red Riding Hood
whenever I look at this picture.
Aunt Abrah & Rease sporting their red, white, and blue

Fast Asleep

Wide Awake

Grinning....doesn't she look chubby

Isn't my 4th of July outfit the cutest!

Megan and Rease

Great Aunt Sarah and Rease

Uncle Josh, Riley and Rease
You will understand the look on her face after you see the next picture...

Riley hugging Rease. This one was more of a real hug than the others....
they were more like squeezes...

Uncle Woody & Rease

Cousin Meghann & Rease

Rease being held by Aunt Jody for the 1st time!

Aunt Jenny & Rease's 1st encounter!

Just chillin...


Abrah said...

Where is Uncle Ryan? She is so cute!

- B said...

Those big eyes and all that hair! What a beautiful girl you have!

(And the going back to work thing is HARD - I won't lie to you! But it does get easier, I promise!)

Ryan said...

i'm over here

Stephanie said...

Yay for her adorable 4th of July outfit! She looked too cute! I am so sad we didn't get to come out and see you guys last weekend, but we will definitely have to plan a visit for sometime in the near future!