Thursday, June 18

First Road Trip

Last weekend we took our first road trip as a family of three. We went up to Grand Rapids, MI to celebrate Jason & Stacy Kramer's wedding. This was the last wedding for the everyone else better get on the baby wagon!!

The trip started off a little rocky, as we got a late start heading up there. Thankfully Rease slept the whole way to Chesterton and didn't really notice that we were stuck in traffic and well past her time to eat. Oops...

The second half of the trip was a little worse. She was really tired and didn't want to fall asleep. By the time she finally fell asleep it was time to eat again so the crying started all over. We ended up pulling off the interstate to stop and feed Rease while the rest of the "caravan" traveled on (since we were already running late...). This would have been no big deal except for the fact that we didn't have directions on how to get to the rehearsal dinner. **I know...just a minor planning flaw...** So we fed Rease until she pooped while eating and it proceeded to go through her diaper, shirt, and jeans. How it didn't get on me I have no idea. So Chris and I did our best to change her in a car full of stuff and not get poop all over the only changing pad that we had with us. After that she wasn't too intersted in finishing her meal, so we started back on the road. Only for her to begin screaming again. We eventually got stuck in more traffic, have to love traveling in the summer, so I nursed her while we were stopped and she finally went back into her seat: full, content, and asleep. Which was a very good thing because we got lost oh....3 more times while trying to get to the rehearsal dinner.

We finally arrived and all was well until it was time to go to bed. Rease wanted no part of it. So we stayed up in the hotel until 3 am. Sometimes content and sometimes screaming. My apologies to the poor souls who had the rooms next to us. (Except you, can sleep through anything).

Saturday was much better. We enjoyed the wedding and the reception and Rease got to be held by many women she will probably never see again, but she loves them all the same. Stacy's family really, really likes babies! :)

Sunday we headed back to Illinois and made a pit stop in Valpo to meet up with Ben and Rachel Lieske. I left my camera in the car so I didn't get a picture of Ben and Rachel with Rease, sorry guys. We stopped at Jimmy's Cafe in Valpo and were greeted by the usually Greek waitress. The only unexpected thing was that the "grandma of the place" (not sure what else to call her) came over as soon as we sat down and said to me in her thick Greek accent "Oh, what a beautiful baby". I started to say "thank you" but by the time the words were out of my mouth she had taken Rease out of my arms and was sitting with her at the table behind us. LOL. I was taken back at first but then just laughed.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Chris & Stephanie - I didn't have a pic of them
with Rease either, sorry guys

This is actually from yesterday, but oh well.
Rease after a bath, all nice and clean.

Rease giving Daddy kisses in the hotel before bed.
How cute!

The Bride & Groom
Jason & Stacy Kramer

All the ladies:
Stephanie DiLullo, Chelsea, Rease, and Kristen Mamich

Chuck & Kristen with Rease

Rease & Daddy at the reception

Look at how cute she is!
All dressed up before the wedding.

Picture of Rease while we were hanging out in the hotel before
the wedding. What a sweet face!


I am doing my best to try to get Rease on a schedule. I have to go back to work in a few short weeks, so I figure I better get to working on it. I have had the book "Baby Wise" since I was first pregnant and am just getting around to reading it. Then I turned the tv on this morning and the Today Show was on and I was just in time for a segment on "Getting your Infant to Sleep and Sleep Well" or something like that. So I thought, what a weird coincidence; maybe I should watch this. They pretty much said the obvious: get all of the distractions out of the room and keep her room dark. They also said to put your baby to sleep when she is still awake so that she can learn to put herself to sleep when she is awakend prematurely at night. So...I laid Rease down for a nap and she cried and screamed for about 5 minutes and then fell right to sleep. She is screaming again now, about 40 minutes later. We'll see if I can sit here and listen to this bout without getting up to console her. It is tough, but for her own good ( I guess...). She still gets up a couple of times to eat during the night, so it isn't like I expect to have her sleep through the night....but eventually, as she gets older....that is the goal!!!


Cindy said...

I can't believe how she has changed since I saw her. You are now commanded to post every week. Can I do that? This is not going to work. Love you

Jenny said...

Baby wise is WONDERFUL! I would say read the book, but sounds like you already are getting to it. The schedule is a big thing. Then they don't have to fuss so much b/c you are meeting their needs. Anyway....good pics, she looks just like Chris. Sorry Chels