Sunday, June 7

Closing in on One Month....

We can hardly believe that this week Rease will be a month old!! It doesn't seem like she can be that old!! Last week was pretty good around here.

I hate to say this (for fear of it changing...) but Rease is doing a pretty good job sleeping at night. We have had a few rough nights in the last 3 1/2 weeks, but overall she is really good. She does like to stay up until around 11 but after that she sleeps until it is time to eat a few hours later and then goes right back to bed until it is time to eat again. She is still incredibly noisy and gasy, which do cause some sleeplessness on our part, but oh well. She is usually wide awake after her feeding about 5 or so. That works out okay because then Chris gets to spend some time with her before he goes to work in the morning.
She is still sleeping pretty much most of the day. She usually has two periods during the day when she is wide awake. We enjoy that a lot. I hate when she sleeps all the time because I can't see her beautiful eyes!! They are huge!

Micah and Caleb came for a spur of the moment visit last week and we had a good time. I know Micah really enjoyed her time with Rease. Caleb enjoyed moving her around in her crib when I wasn't looking (so I would think she was some kind of wonder baby, squirming around on her own), cradling Colby when Micah would hold Rease, and sending Molly scooting across the living room floor like a bowling ball.

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Alton Brown. While I was up feeding Rease a week or so ago I caught an episode of Good Eats that was all about ribs. We decided to try them and they were pretty good! Chris worked hard on them ( I contributed nothing other than the idea to have them for dinner) and wanted them on the blog. If you are interested in trying them yourself, go to and search for "Who Loves Ya Baby Back!". They are worth it!

Here are a few pictures of Rease from last week. Enjoy!

Rease in her first skirt!
**She wore a really cute dress to church today, but spit up all over it before I could take a pic**

Micah was SO proud to be the first one to put a bow in Rease's hair.

Micah and Rease sporting their pink.


Abrah said...

Oh my goodness, she looks so much older now! I need to come visit her soon!!!!!!! I was super excited to see a bow in her hair! I miss you all!

Abrah said...

I also wanted to mention that I really think the picture in the pink skirt looks like Chelsea when she was little. :)

Jenny said...

Almost a month already! I can't believe it!! Oh I can't wait to see her!!!

Micah said...

That bow looks fantastic! You need to be on the search for some more :)
I expect bows everyday in July. I told mom I almost painted her toenails and she was appauled! I told her I had to do it before she discovered her feet!