Thursday, June 25

All smiles

Rease has really started smiling a lot lately. Here are some pictures as proof. The last two night she has been wide awake about 4:00 am, but she is grinning and smiling and cooing (just a little bit) the whole time. Time awake in the middle of the night is much more enjoyable like that than when she screams. But....I would rather her be alert like that during the day instead of at night. We are getting there though. Rease is slowly getting used to the eat-wake-sleep schedule as recommended in Baby Wise. We started laying her down awake today and for the most part it went pretty well. I think her longest crying stint was about 30 minutes. If she would only sleep for more than 20 minutes after falling asleep we would be in business!

One of Chris' good friends at work just had a grandson and I happened to run in to little Jack, his mom, and two aunts when I went to the doctor yesterday. He was born last week and was about 8 pounds 1 ounce (I think). I was taken back when I looked at him and couldn't even remember Rease being so small. They grow way too fast!!!

Chilling with Daddy in my bug bathrobe after a nice bath today. **Chris was a sweaty mess from mowing the maybe I should have been holding her since she was all clean!**

Looking at herself in the little mirror at the top of her bouncy seat.

I barely caught this smile....

Just to show off how chubby I am getting!


Cindy said...

She's too beautiful and those eyes! I'm afraid she will be staying in IN. You can stay too if you want. Ilove you all and miss you. Mimi

Ryan said...

those pictures are crazy. she looks toatlly different.

Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

Wow. She is absolutely beautiful!! Hope you are getting some naps during the day :)

Abrah said...

Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! I can't wait to see her again!

Dave and Jenny McIntosh said...

Dear Rease-
STOP GROWING for just another week!!!
Aunt Jenny

- B said...

She is so beautiful! Those eyes and that hair!