Thursday, June 25

All smiles

Rease has really started smiling a lot lately. Here are some pictures as proof. The last two night she has been wide awake about 4:00 am, but she is grinning and smiling and cooing (just a little bit) the whole time. Time awake in the middle of the night is much more enjoyable like that than when she screams. But....I would rather her be alert like that during the day instead of at night. We are getting there though. Rease is slowly getting used to the eat-wake-sleep schedule as recommended in Baby Wise. We started laying her down awake today and for the most part it went pretty well. I think her longest crying stint was about 30 minutes. If she would only sleep for more than 20 minutes after falling asleep we would be in business!

One of Chris' good friends at work just had a grandson and I happened to run in to little Jack, his mom, and two aunts when I went to the doctor yesterday. He was born last week and was about 8 pounds 1 ounce (I think). I was taken back when I looked at him and couldn't even remember Rease being so small. They grow way too fast!!!

Chilling with Daddy in my bug bathrobe after a nice bath today. **Chris was a sweaty mess from mowing the maybe I should have been holding her since she was all clean!**

Looking at herself in the little mirror at the top of her bouncy seat.

I barely caught this smile....

Just to show off how chubby I am getting!

Thursday, June 18

First Road Trip

Last weekend we took our first road trip as a family of three. We went up to Grand Rapids, MI to celebrate Jason & Stacy Kramer's wedding. This was the last wedding for the everyone else better get on the baby wagon!!

The trip started off a little rocky, as we got a late start heading up there. Thankfully Rease slept the whole way to Chesterton and didn't really notice that we were stuck in traffic and well past her time to eat. Oops...

The second half of the trip was a little worse. She was really tired and didn't want to fall asleep. By the time she finally fell asleep it was time to eat again so the crying started all over. We ended up pulling off the interstate to stop and feed Rease while the rest of the "caravan" traveled on (since we were already running late...). This would have been no big deal except for the fact that we didn't have directions on how to get to the rehearsal dinner. **I know...just a minor planning flaw...** So we fed Rease until she pooped while eating and it proceeded to go through her diaper, shirt, and jeans. How it didn't get on me I have no idea. So Chris and I did our best to change her in a car full of stuff and not get poop all over the only changing pad that we had with us. After that she wasn't too intersted in finishing her meal, so we started back on the road. Only for her to begin screaming again. We eventually got stuck in more traffic, have to love traveling in the summer, so I nursed her while we were stopped and she finally went back into her seat: full, content, and asleep. Which was a very good thing because we got lost oh....3 more times while trying to get to the rehearsal dinner.

We finally arrived and all was well until it was time to go to bed. Rease wanted no part of it. So we stayed up in the hotel until 3 am. Sometimes content and sometimes screaming. My apologies to the poor souls who had the rooms next to us. (Except you, can sleep through anything).

Saturday was much better. We enjoyed the wedding and the reception and Rease got to be held by many women she will probably never see again, but she loves them all the same. Stacy's family really, really likes babies! :)

Sunday we headed back to Illinois and made a pit stop in Valpo to meet up with Ben and Rachel Lieske. I left my camera in the car so I didn't get a picture of Ben and Rachel with Rease, sorry guys. We stopped at Jimmy's Cafe in Valpo and were greeted by the usually Greek waitress. The only unexpected thing was that the "grandma of the place" (not sure what else to call her) came over as soon as we sat down and said to me in her thick Greek accent "Oh, what a beautiful baby". I started to say "thank you" but by the time the words were out of my mouth she had taken Rease out of my arms and was sitting with her at the table behind us. LOL. I was taken back at first but then just laughed.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Chris & Stephanie - I didn't have a pic of them
with Rease either, sorry guys

This is actually from yesterday, but oh well.
Rease after a bath, all nice and clean.

Rease giving Daddy kisses in the hotel before bed.
How cute!

The Bride & Groom
Jason & Stacy Kramer

All the ladies:
Stephanie DiLullo, Chelsea, Rease, and Kristen Mamich

Chuck & Kristen with Rease

Rease & Daddy at the reception

Look at how cute she is!
All dressed up before the wedding.

Picture of Rease while we were hanging out in the hotel before
the wedding. What a sweet face!


I am doing my best to try to get Rease on a schedule. I have to go back to work in a few short weeks, so I figure I better get to working on it. I have had the book "Baby Wise" since I was first pregnant and am just getting around to reading it. Then I turned the tv on this morning and the Today Show was on and I was just in time for a segment on "Getting your Infant to Sleep and Sleep Well" or something like that. So I thought, what a weird coincidence; maybe I should watch this. They pretty much said the obvious: get all of the distractions out of the room and keep her room dark. They also said to put your baby to sleep when she is still awake so that she can learn to put herself to sleep when she is awakend prematurely at night. So...I laid Rease down for a nap and she cried and screamed for about 5 minutes and then fell right to sleep. She is screaming again now, about 40 minutes later. We'll see if I can sit here and listen to this bout without getting up to console her. It is tough, but for her own good ( I guess...). She still gets up a couple of times to eat during the night, so it isn't like I expect to have her sleep through the night....but eventually, as she gets older....that is the goal!!!

Tuesday, June 9

4 Weeks Old and Newborn Pictures!

Time flies! Rease is officially 4 weeks old!! How many changes she has gone through in the last 4 weeks. Today we got the proofs for our newborn pictures and I can't even believe how much bigger she looks than when we got the pictures taken at 1 week.

For anyone who is interested, last night was much better. Lol. Rease did scream from about 10:30 til 12, but what are you gonna do. She is a baby. We laid down at about 12:20 and I was sure we would be back up by 12:30 or so....but no. I was so excited to see 4:00 on the alarm clock the first time she got up!!! That is a new record! She still screams about every 10 minutes when I lay her in her crib for a nap during the day. I am trying to not pick her up and to just calm her down without picking her up. It seems to be working right now. We will see if it lasts!

We have tried to put her down to sleep or nap and then give her a pacifier because the doctor told us that is one thing they recommend to prevent SIDS, well she wants nothing to do with it. She sucks on it about 2 times and then out it goes. Flying across the crib or pack n'play. Oh well, I never liked pacifiers anyway, so I am okay with it.

Here is the link to the newborn pictures. I am very pleased with them. I wish we would have taken her diaper off, but the thought didn't cross my mind at the time. Oh well, I guess we know for next time around. Click on "Proofing" on the left and enter Corwin as the password. Enjoy!!

Monday, June 8

Rethinking that Last Comment.... the last post I said I probably shouldn't comment on Rease doing pretty well at night. Let me tell you, I regret saying it now!!!

Rease was up until 2:15 this morning and then slept for about an hour and a half and was up again until I finally got her to sleep on my chest on the couch about 5:00. She has this habit of sleeping in her bassinet or crib for about 20 minutes and then waking up and crying until one of us picks her up. The instant she is picked up she is back to sleep. It makes for one long night. And since Chris has been back to work for quite some time, I get up every time. Long nights.....

I did give up today and I left her in her crib crying until she fell asleep. I felt terrible about it, especially since she isn't even a month old and should be spoiled, but I was just too tired. She fell asleep in about 2 minutes and then slept for over an hour. So we both felt better when she woke up.

Her chair that plays music and vibrates is usually a good way to get her to fall asleep.....but what do you know, the vibration part quit working today...lucky us. Hopefully Chris can fix it when he gets home.

Sunday, June 7

Closing in on One Month....

We can hardly believe that this week Rease will be a month old!! It doesn't seem like she can be that old!! Last week was pretty good around here.

I hate to say this (for fear of it changing...) but Rease is doing a pretty good job sleeping at night. We have had a few rough nights in the last 3 1/2 weeks, but overall she is really good. She does like to stay up until around 11 but after that she sleeps until it is time to eat a few hours later and then goes right back to bed until it is time to eat again. She is still incredibly noisy and gasy, which do cause some sleeplessness on our part, but oh well. She is usually wide awake after her feeding about 5 or so. That works out okay because then Chris gets to spend some time with her before he goes to work in the morning.
She is still sleeping pretty much most of the day. She usually has two periods during the day when she is wide awake. We enjoy that a lot. I hate when she sleeps all the time because I can't see her beautiful eyes!! They are huge!

Micah and Caleb came for a spur of the moment visit last week and we had a good time. I know Micah really enjoyed her time with Rease. Caleb enjoyed moving her around in her crib when I wasn't looking (so I would think she was some kind of wonder baby, squirming around on her own), cradling Colby when Micah would hold Rease, and sending Molly scooting across the living room floor like a bowling ball.

Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Alton Brown. While I was up feeding Rease a week or so ago I caught an episode of Good Eats that was all about ribs. We decided to try them and they were pretty good! Chris worked hard on them ( I contributed nothing other than the idea to have them for dinner) and wanted them on the blog. If you are interested in trying them yourself, go to and search for "Who Loves Ya Baby Back!". They are worth it!

Here are a few pictures of Rease from last week. Enjoy!

Rease in her first skirt!
**She wore a really cute dress to church today, but spit up all over it before I could take a pic**

Micah was SO proud to be the first one to put a bow in Rease's hair.

Micah and Rease sporting their pink.