Saturday, May 30

Some Favorites....

Here are some of our favorite pictures from this week. Now that I am feeling better, I am going to try to start doing a better job of posting and getting pictures up on the blog. This week has been good. Rease is doing great and Chris and I are finally getting used to all of the noises she makes when she sleeps. This is slowly allowing us to get some sleep. Rease is starting to stay awake more and more during the day. On Wednesday she was awake for almost 4 hours straight. It was great. She has officially outgrown the newborn diapers, to be honest...she made it longer than I thought she would. She also is quickly outgrowing many of her 0-3 month clothes. Good thing we have lots of 3 month and up clothes.

We are still peranoid about her and the things she does, but we are slowly getting used to everything. The thing that bothers me the most is when she cough/chokes. She is an incredibly spitty baby and is always blowing spit bubbles or just drooling like crazy. She must forget to swallow sometimes or something because she will start to cough and then kind of choke. It scares us to death. We are starting to get used to it and understand that it will pass, but seriously; I do not like it.

We also had our first episode of serious projectile vomit this week. Gross is all I have to say about that. Grandma Timmons even got a dose of it all over her yesterday. Poor Grandma. Atleast she didn't require a shower after her incident like I did. Trust me, that is all the details you was gross.

Some of you may not know, but the Sunday before we went to the hospital to get induced we put the car seat in the car and it pretty much didn't fit. Chris and I looked like grasshoppers in the front seat or something b/c we had to have the seat so far forward. We tried the seat in the car as soon as we bought it to make sure it fit, and didn't realize it was such a snug fit. today we went and traded in the car for a Mercury Mariner. I know, I are all thinking that is all that Chris and I do. I feel like that is all we do too, it drives me crazy. But, we should be done for quite sometime. We shouldn't outgrow this car any time soon, so we should be good to go.

Mom and Grandma came to visit for a couple days this week. Here is a picture of our 4 generations. We will have another picture like this in a couple of weeks when Chris' grandparents come to visit. It made me sad that Grandma Tuttle isn't around to meet Rease.....

Uncle Ryan sent Rease a package in the mail yesterday. Apparently we have a t-ball star in the making. I will have to add the mitt to her toybox, but find somewhere to hide the bat until she is quite a bit bigger. No need to knock out those teeth before she is even old enough to play t-ball.

**Side note: The mitt and bat were from Woot.... I better add that to the baby calendar of 1st's....
The glove is still a little big.....

I just love this one...this is one of Rease's most frequent faces.

Soaking up the sun while trying to get our jaundice to go away.

Not the best family picture....but oh well.
Rease wasn't too happy about getting a bath. This was taken directly after she peed everywhere.


Abrah said...

The grasshopper comment literally made me LOL! I also really enjoy the baseball bat and glove. Is that like a real metal bat or is it soft? Gotta love Ryan! You didn't post a picture of the new car....Chris will probably get to that later! Well, I am heading to bed now. I have been sitting at the computer for the last 20 minutes waiting on you to get your post done. ;) Good night!

Micah said...

Love the baseball glove! Ryan...can you send me one of those? I need a new one & a pink one is perfect!
Cute pics...the last one is a bit scary.
Kisses for Rease!

Ryan said...

It was a woot-off item. I thought the bat was foam. Doesn't look like it though huh? (The bat was supposed to be pink too).

Rease's first woot!