Sunday, April 12

35 Weeks

Well we have made it to 35 weeks! Once we get through this week the big day could come at any time and the baby should be pretty well developed. So far Chelsea is doing well and feeling pretty well. She is getting tired more easily though. As you can see that belly is really popping out there. (I love the shadow behind the picture) Last week we went to the dr for the ultra sound and everything "looked great" according to the dr. The baby was weighing in at a hefty 6.0lbs though, not really a surprise since she has been big all along. The dr is going to continue to monitor her size but at this point we are just waiting.

We had a pretty nice weekend this weekend. It was really nice to have Good Friday off. We mainly relaxed, but I was really busy the rest of the weekend. As you will notice in the belly picture, the background is a bit different. This is the new color of our bedroom, which I painted on Saturday. Below is another picture of the bedroom, mostly put back together, but not everything is back in the room.

Today (Easter) was nice, this was the first year that Chelsea and I were not in Indiana for Easter. Although we really missed our family, it was nice to be here and at our church for Easter. It was different hearing the message from a church other than the one that we grew up in and it was also interesting to hear the different message. I thought that pastor White did a really nice job with his message and taking advantage of the fact that this is one of the 2 Sundays a year that most people that do not go to church were in church (the other day being Christmas). It was just a different day for the two of us though. We were able to have Easter dinner with some good friends of ours that we met from over here, the Roehrs and their parents who were in town from Nebraska. Thank you Brian and Ashley for the great dinner.

Also this weekend I took a short class in photography at the local camera shop to find out how to better use this new camera I got. All of the photos I took were after the class and I had implemented a few of the things I learned. I think the pictures turned out pretty decent. Today though, I spent some time detailing and clay baring the Audi to get it cleaned up after a hard winter. I took it down to the local parking lot for a photo shoot and got a few decent shots. So they are below. Well I am going to call it a night, it is going to be rough getting up for work in the morning after having the long weekend.


Cindy said...

I too like the shadow. It is curious to me that there is one picture of your wife and Baby "C" and 3 of the car. So Christopher. They all look great. Get your rest kids.

Abrah said...

We missed you at Easter yesterday! I can't wait until baby is born. I will laugh if she turns out to be this little tiny thing. :) Hang in more giving the dogs a bath with that giant belly! :)

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

I've got some bad news, Corwins. If you believe the scientific evidence, your baby is doomed: