Wednesday, March 25

Head Down and HUGE!

I thought I would make a quick post about our doctor's appointment and visit with Josh, Abrah, and Riley this week.

Monday morning we headed to the specialist for our last appointment there (yeah!). We had the usually sonogram and visit with the doctor. We had a different sono tech this time and she was shocked by how big the baby was. Ha ha. We told her that she has measured ahead since the first sonogram, but she just kept going on about how big she was. Every measurement they took was atleast 2.5 weeks ahead. Pretty much consistent with the rest of the sonograms we have had. The good news is that she is already head down, so hopefully she will stay that way. The huge news is that her estimated weight was 5 lbs 3 oz.....a little larger than the normal 4 pounds! So if that girl doesn't stay head down, she has some great gymnastic skills, because I don't think there is any room. The doctor didn't seem to think we would make it the 8 weeks we have left, due to her size, so we'll see. Delivery day could be a few weeks closer than we think (that or I will just be really miserable in 8 weeks!).

Josh, Abrah, and Riley showed up Monday afternoon and stayed until lunch today. We played outside with the dogs, did some shopping, made the baby announcements, and just hung out. Riley again had much love for my larger than life belly. I think Abrah got some pictures. Monday night he was eating fruit loops and was trying his hardest to feed them to the baby through my belly button (which he really couldn't figure out why it looked different than his). The dogs ended up getting most of those fruit loops :)

Speaking of the dogs, here is a nutty video of Molly (Riley's favorite).

Not much else is new around here, Chris got his new camera today, so I am sure that will be occupying most of his time in the near future. I still have two more days off of work this week (rolling temporary lay off's for those that think I am nuts for using a weeks vacation before the baby comes), so I will hopefully be getting some sewing done and maybe a few organizational projects done. We'll see. Have a good rest of the week and we will put up some belly pics on Sunday.


Ryan said...

Comments Haiku

Flip cam. Title is
Weird. Ultrasound measurements
Are from the future.

Chris said...

nice job Ry...

Jenny said...

An early baby! We are coming in July so hopefully she will still be a baby with the way she is growing! Sad I miss Riley investigating the baby belly and seeing how big it is in person! Love you!

Ryan said...

From the future. Get it? Because "Every measurement they took was atleast 2.5 weeks ahead".