Sunday, March 8

Catchin' Up

We haven't posted for a while and I apologize. Apparently the tiredness they say that comes back in the 3rd trimester is really here. I have felt like doing nothing when I come home from work. We are now at the end of week 29 and cannot believe that we only have 10 weeks to go! It is going to fly by!
Last weekend was our baby shower back home and we were blessed with lots of friends and family who came and helped us celebrate in anticipation of Baby Corwin's arrival. I have never seen so much pink in my entire life! There are a couple shots below of the pile of pink things as I sorted them out tonight to get them ready to wash. That is a lot of pink!

While I was at the shower Chris was working on trying to get the crib finished up. Everything is assembled except the front piece. We didn't realize you had to have the hardware to allow it to go up/down before you could assemble that caused a little bit of a hiccup in the assembly process. But, it is nearing completion, so that is a good thing.

Other than the shower we really haven't been up to a whole lot. We went up to Chicago this weekend to hit up the Motherhood Maternity outlet. I would recommend the drive for the bargains. I wouldn't pick a day when it is 40 degrees and raining, but oh well. We got some good bargains and I am pretty sure that I won't have to buy any more maternity clothes. I hated buying them now knowing I only have 10 more weeks, but pretty much the only things I have purchased thus far are winter clothes. I am hoping that spring is coming soon, so I figured maybe if I bought for spring it would come faster!

Well, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

I think Jody's face explains this one pretty well "What in the world are Abrah and Micah doing??". I honestly can't remember what they were doing, but there is a Week 28 belly shot.

The Tuttle girls, Jenny couldn't be there, but we were all thinking of her!

This is the back of the baby bed. The left side looks a little funky because one of the sides is behind it and sticking out a bit. Looks pretty good if you ask me.

Week 29 Belly Pic. Yes, I look really bad. Oh well. There is a slight glimps of the ugly hutch I bought super cheap....just waiting to get the motivation to refinish it and hoping it will look better after that!

I will add a link in to the rest of the shower pictures once I get them all on Picasa.


Cindy said...

You look beautiful and tired. The only tired that is worse is the tired that comes after the next 10 weeks and lasts 18 - 20 years. Everything is looking good and that baby won't care if she sleeps in a drawer. Can't seem to find the sea of pink pictures tho... Love you

- B said...

I agree with your momma - you do look beautiful!

Is that a Willow Tree nativity on you hutch? I've been wanting one of those for years! Love it! Can't wait to hear more about this little Corwin girl!

Tom Paul said...

You do look awesome and we can't wait to see you again. Your mom is such a smart woman and she says it how it is... Love ya all and take care.. Good pictures.

Abrah said...

You are indeed beautiful! The big belly just means you are doing a good job already letting her grow! :)