Sunday, March 22

31 Weeks

Here is the week 31 picture. Not too much to report on from last week, but we will have an ultra sound tomorrow morning. Josh, Abrah, and Riley are also coming tomorrow to spend a couple days over here. Chelsea is off for the week, but I will be working. Oh well... I got my vacation last month so I can't complain. I am also getting my new camera this week and can't wait to post some pictures with it. Hopefully I can figure out how to use a few of the settings by the time next week comes around.


Abrah said...

Hello baby Corwin! We are coming to see you! See you tomorrow!

Cindy said...

Riley and Mimi say that belly is amazing!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Chelsea, do you have a basketball under your shirt? What a cute little round belly. Only 9 more weeks. You look great!