Sunday, February 22

Week 27

Week 27 has gone by well. We had a doctors appointment on Friday and everything was good. Even my blood pressure was what it should be, which is a first at my regular doc's office. We finally measured a little closer to where we should be too. Maybe laying off the junk for the last two weeks helped! We started our childbirth classes on Monday night so that was another stepping stone before we have the baby. We have 3 more Monday nights to go and then I guess we should be "ready". Ha ha, we'll see about that.

Chris got back on Tuesday from Daytona, so we opened the surprise package Chuck and Kristen sent us a week or so ago. It was a really pretty green and pink fleece blanket with big flowers on it. Here is a pic. Thank you Kristen (and Chuck, but I am thinking that Kristen did most of the work!). It is great and we love it!

Here is the 27 week belly shot. I look like a goof, especially since Sunday's usually consist of doing laundry and trying to get caught up around the house after church. So I always look terrible. Oh well. Atleast I have on a new pair of shoes. They were a gift to myself since the dogs decided to absolutely destroy my other pair while I was at church last week. Let's just say they are back in their crates while we are gone, they lost their right to freedom.


Abrah said...

Nice shoes! That belly keeps growing! Are the doctors sure there are not two babies in there? ;) Just kidding, you look beautiful!

Cindy said...

Beautiful, both of you. Shoes are attractive also..

Anonymous said...

I love your baby belly. Definitely just made me smile! I CANNOT WAIT TO BE AN AUNT!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! Love you! Laura