Saturday, February 7

Making Progress

Today we went and bought the paint for the nursery. The pictures aren't great because I couldn't really get it to show the true colors. But it is a light yellow/cream on the top and then green on the bottom. Tomorrow we are going back to get the chair rail to put between the two colors and it will be a neutral brown. We have to paint that, paint the rest of the trim, and then hang the chair rail and we will be all done with that part! Next step will be to get the crib done!

Enjoy the pics. I'll post a couple more tomorrow of the finished room and the 25 week belly!


Abrah said...

so cute! I hope you are making Kwis do all the work!

Cindy said...

It is going to be perfect. I'd better get going on the soft furnishings. I will have time on Monday since Riley will be in time out all day! Little Miss Corwin will never need time out. Love you