Wednesday, February 11

I love surprises!

Today when I got home from work there was a package at the front door. Chris is expecting something for the car, so I figured that was all that it was. It wasn't! Instead it was a package addressed to Baby Corwin from our friends Chuck and Kristen! I didn't open it since Chris is in Florida and I didn't feel it was fair to open it without him being here. Thank you to Chuck and Kristen in advance! I am excited to find out what could be waiting for Baby C in the box! Too bad I have to wait a week until Chris gets home!

The doctor on Monday went well. We even got our sonogram video taped......too bad we don't have a VCR! Bummer. I guess we will have to wait to watch it until we go home for the shower at the end of the month! The scanner isn't hooked up either, so I can't even scan a picture of her for you! That will have to wait until Chris gets home too. She weighed in at about 2 lbs 4 oz and her heartbeat was 15o.


Abrah said...

I bet there is some media place that can transfer your VHS to a DVD.

I am so proud of you for not opening the present until Chris gets home. I totally would have opened it. :)

Cindy said...

And she is beautiful! She already looks like Chelsea.

Justin and Haley Ramer said...

can you open it, tell us what it is, and then tape it back up? we won't tell Chris! that is what I would do! :)

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, your belly is so big! I LOVE IT!!! You look beautiful! I asked Westen where his baby cousin is and he, of course, responded with I don't know... so I said, in Chelsea's belly! He said, AUNT CHELSEA!!! And pointed at you. He's excited... just confused! haha :)

So I was thinking about this... You should have BabyGirl on maybe a Monday or Tuesday, that way you're out of the hospital by the end of the week and we will be there on the weekend. We won't overwhelm you, I promise. And really, it's just a thought, but you should take it into consideration! haha! :)

Love you! Laura